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Information technology jobsDear reader, It’s amazing that you’ve chosen a career path in IT and have decided to become an Information Technologist. However, this is just the beginning of your journey because there’s still a lot to know and learn.

For example, here are some;

First, in order to secure a position in information technology you must have strong technical and business abilities. IT experts collaborate with businesses to learn about their computing and technology requirements. After that, they create specialised computing solutions. Thereafter, professionals in the field of information technology specialise in areas such as information security, database administration, and data management.

Secondly, the tech sector draws many job applicants due to its robust job growth and excellent compensation. But, how can you get started in the IT field? Well, a bachelor’s degree with coursework in systems analysis, database administration, and computer operations is required for most IT positions. Hence, many IT experts study business in order to broaden their horizons.


Job Prospect for an Information Technologist

Indeed, there is no doubt that Information Technologists have a bright future ahead of them. In terms of pay and growth, computer and information technology employment continue to surpass other industries. Tech professionals, for example, earned a median annual pay of $91,250 in May 2020. Notwithstanding, computer and information technology employment are expected to rise by 13% between 2020 and 2030, according to recent job forecast data.

Truly, with a bachelor’s degree in information technology, IT professionals can choose from a variety of job choices in addition to above-average wages and high demand. Likewise, many high-paying IT positions provide prospects for promotion and the ability to change careers. Furthermore, robust demand continues to benefit developers and engineers.

For a fact, IT is one of the best career investments for potential employees, with a bright job prospect.


Top Careers for an Information Technologist

We identified the top careers in IT for 2021 using salary and projected job growth rate data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

  • Software Developer

Average annual salary: $110,140 

Software developers create and enhance computer applications. They create new software to meet user needs and update existing software to include new technologies or add features. To create software programs, software developers collaborate with a team of software engineers, testers, and programmers.

To allow for maintenance or updates, software engineers must meticulously track each step of the process. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology is required for most software developers.

  • Computer Programming

Average annual salary: $89,190 

Computer programmers create the code that allows software to execute. Programmers test code in collaboration with software developers and engineers to ensure that it performs as planned. After that, programmers discover and rectify errors. Programmers are experts in a variety of programming languages, including Python, C++, and Java.

A bachelor’s degree is required for many computer programming positions. Some organisations hire individuals who have completed a bootcamp or other programming training but do not have a bachelor’s degree. Computer programming jobs necessitate a meticulous attention to detail as well as excellent analytical and troubleshooting abilities.

  • Computer and Information System Manager

Average annual salary: $151,150

Computer and information systems managers supervise IT experts and coordinate an organisation’s technology-related activities. They supervise teams responsible for network security, software installation, and database management. IT manager and chief information officer are two common job titles.

A bachelor’s degree and several years of professional experience are required for most computer and information systems managers. Candidates having a master’s degree are preferred by several employers. Computer and information systems managers may study information technology management or management information systems, depending on their focus area.

  • Computer and Information Research Scientist

Average annual salary: $126,830 

Computer and information scientists study challenges that technology help solve. They come up with novel applications for existing technology and create new ones, such as new programming languages. Computer and information scientists also conduct experiments on computer operations and collaborate with other technological experts to tackle computing issues.

For computer and information research scientist careers, most organisations require a master’s degree. Typically, a master’s degree in computer science, information systems, computer engineering, or a similar discipline will suffice.

  • Computer Network Architects

Average annual salary: $116,780 

Job growth rate (2020-2030): 5%

Computer network architects usually design communication networks for organizations. Computer network architects design specialised data transmission systems ranging from local networks to cloud computing platforms. They bring business training as well as technical abilities to evaluate an organisation’s needs and construct a network to meet those goals.

To start your career as a computer network architect, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in an area like computer science or information systems . Network security, database administration, and systems administration are among the topics they research.

  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Average annual salary: $84,810

Job growth rate (2020-2030): 5%

Computer systems administrators designed and monitor organisational computer networks. They create networks in order to transfer and secure data. Administrators of network and computer systems also install and upgrade hardware and software. Information systems manager, IT specialist, and LAN specialist are all frequent job titles.

The most frequent entry-level education requirement is a bachelor’s degree. Most organizations usually prefer candidates who have a degree in information technology, computer science, or a similar discipline. In addition, you need to have strong analytical and problem-solving abilities to thrive in this professional path.

  • IT Director

Average annual salary: $123,900

An IT director is in charge of an organisation’s IT strategy and implementation. They ensure that department tasks are in line with the company’s objectives and growth. These specialists may also work with other internal IT professionals and executive management to build contingency plans, budgets, and development objectives.

For this role, you need to have a graduate degree and appropriate industry qualifications, in certain programs or suitable management courses. Entry-level and mid-level IT support and database architecture jobs can give these people the broad experience they need to move to this managerial position.

Now you know a few of the many areas you can specialise in as an Information Technologist. Just in case you’re wondering whether or not it’s too late to return to school so as to pursue a career in information technology, we’ve got you covered HERE

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