Salary for marketing coordinator

Salary for marketing coordinatorHello there! Seems you’ve frequently been looking up the term “salary for marketing coordinator”. This can only mean a couple of things. So, it is either:

  • You are just about starting your career in marketing and would love to find out the salary for marketing coordinator,
  • You’re trying to transition between careers maybe cos you need a better paying job, or
  • You suspect that you are underpaid at work. 

Which one of these guys are you?

Well, I guess that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you are fully aware of what you’re getting into. This does not apply to only to monetary compensation. So quickly, before we dive into the salary for marketing coordinator, let’s find out:

  • Who is a marketing coordinator? What is the job description?
  • General salary for marketing coordinator in the US
  • Salary for marketing coordinator based on statistics from different states in US

Who is a Marketing Coordinator?

Marketing coordinators are involved in active marketing efforts. They provide assistance where it is needed, especially on unique projects that allow them to demonstrate their marketing expertise.

The marketing department’s objectives are supported by a marketing coordinator.  Also, logistics for marketing campaigns, product launches, events, and strategic collaborations are among the specific responsibilities.

Furthermore, coordinating (surprising?) is an essential aspect of the Job. They help monitor cross-functional team efforts. Marketing coordinator helps other team members by researching vendors, market trends, building mailing lists, and processing invoices.

There will almost certainly be a lot of writing involved. Thus it may include writing original copy for social media platforms, website content, direct mail, and print ads. You’ll also be responsible for ensuring a consistent brand voice across all channels. 

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In addition to the above, responsibilities of a marketing coordinator are; but not limited to:

  • Develop strategic marketing objectives and activities .
  • Implement marketing strategies that include content for print, broadcast, and the internet.
  • Create branded advertising campaigns while also assisting the marketing and design teams with content coordination and collection.
  • Set up tracking mechanisms for online and offline marketing efforts.
  • Conduct market research to find marketing opportunities and media coverage, and then negotiate.
  • All advertising efforts should be directed to the authorised channels.
  • All internal communication systems should be developed and managed.
  • Create, maintain, and strengthen the overall brand of the organisation across all media platforms.
  • Organise and streamline service offerings to make them more user-friendly.
  • Printing contractors and other promotional providers are managed.
  • Confidentiality of sensitive information must be maintained at all times.
  • Simplify difficult data into a user-friendly manner for clients and management, such as graphs, charts, and other visual aids.


Salary for Marketing Coordinator by Experience

For starters, note that the average salary for marketing coordinator in the US is $50,000 annually. This excludes other possible bonuses. However, the average range by years of experience is:

  • 1-2 years: $44,000
  • 3-5 years: $48,000
  • 6-9 years: $50,000


Salary for Marketing Coordinator by states in US

According to information gathered, the following states are the highest paying states for marketing coordinators with averages pegged at:


  • San Diego, CA 

Specifically, the average annual salary for a marketing coordinator in San Diego, CA is $60,000

1-2 years: $57,500

3-5 years: $63,600

6-9 years: $65,400

  • New York, NY 

Accordingly, the average annual salary is $52,350

1-2 years: $50,500

3-5 years: $55,900

6-9 years: $57,466

  • Chicago, IL 

In the same way, the average annual salary for marketing coordinator in Chicago is $49,678

However these may apply:

1-2 years: $47,400

3-5 years: $52,400

6-9 years: $53,000

  • Los Angeles, CA

The average annual salary in Los Angeles is $49,600

However these may apply:

1-2 years: $46,800

3-5 years: $51,700

6-9 years: $53,100

  • Houston, TX

The average annual salary for marketing coordinator in Houston is $47,880

However these may apply:

1-2 years: $45,800

3-5 years: $50,600

6-9 years: $52,000

  • Cincinnati, OH

Average annual salary is $47,880

However these may apply:

1-2 years: $45,700

3-5 years: $50,600

6-9 years: $52,000

  • Dallas, TX

Average annual salary is $47,563

However these may apply:

1-2 years: $45,262

3-5 years: $50,000

6-9 years: $51,400

  • Orlando, FL

Average annual salary is $47,233

However these may apply:

1-2 years: $45,000

3-5 years: $49,800

6-9 years: $51,100

  • Las Vegas, NV

Finally, the average annual salary for marketing coordinator in Las Vegas is $44,900

Likewise, these may apply:

1-2 years: $42,600

3-5 years: $47,100

6-9 years: $48,400

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Skills to Possess as a Marketing Coordinator

Now that you are aware of the pay range for a marketing coordinatior, it is wise to consider these skills. Remember, your pay is not only based on years of experience but also on what value you have to offer. The skills are:

  • Outstanding intelligence, ingenuity, and a cheerful, can-do attitude:

In the same way, a marketing coordinator is expected to be proactive and strategic. This, in regards to anticipating and adapting to clients’ requirements.

  • Interpersonal and communication talents that are second to none: 

Building trust and cultivating relationships with clients and coworkers is key. For instance, communicating clearly, both in writing and verbally, will help convey innovative ideas better. Similarly, it will aid being customer-focused and having a track record of working well with others.

  • Strong time management and organising skills:

Specifically, being able to work independently while multitasking as part of a team in a dynamic environment is essential. Ability to manage multiple campaigns at the same time. Being adaptable, flexible, and eager to work under changing circumstances. Also, being able to properly prioritise activities and obligations.

  • Strong leadership and project management abilities:

They include pushing themselves and others to achieve achievements and exceed goals, as well as being resourceful, energetic, and eager to take charge.

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills:

This may range from reading and analysing information effectively, as well as detecting issues and addressing problems in a timely and creative manner.

  • Administrative Skills:

In like manner, skills in Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Products, are required for administrative positions.

Therefore, it is expected that you are proactive, dependable, responsible, and precise, with a keen eye for detail.

At the same time, a Marketing Coordinator should be well-versed in social media platforms and digital analytics.

In conclusion, kindly note that a marketing coordinator is not the same as marketing manager or a marketing communications specialist. 

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