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The tech world is booming, and lots of positions are spurning. Have you come across job positions like tech sales and just wondering, what is tech sales? 

Tech sales mean connecting customers with technologies that can provide a solution to a specific problem. Just as the name implies, tech sales mean the selling of technology. 

Tech sales jobs are similar to any other type of sales representative position. Tech sales jobs might vary from selling hardware to computer software and consulting.

A tech salesperson’s responsibility is to help consumers find the technology that can suit them the most.

The highest demand for a tech sales job is the B2B, B2C and the SaaS. 

A B2B company sells its product or service to other companies, and a B2C company sells its product or service directly to consumers. B2B means business to business, while B2C means business to company.

When a company builds software and lets the final user access it over the internet for a monthly fee, we say they offer Software-as-a-Service. SaaS companies can either be B2B or B2C. Spotify, Netflix, Gmail, Shopify, and HBO Max are examples of Saas models.

Before the emergence of SaaS, if you wanted to build e-commerce, you had to invest in an in-house technical team to develop custom software. 

With SaaS, one can get a redeemable choice of a website for a small fee using several CMS systems like WordPress, Shopify and others. With SaaS, companies can instead use software tools for a levied subscription rather than do the bulk of work.

The tech sales industry is quite competitive and challenging. Finding a good position in tech sales can sometimes prove abortive. 

Nonetheless, the tech industry is constantly churning out new products to sell; thus, the demand for a salesperson to effectively communicate the value of their products to the public increases.

 Tech sales career

Like every other sales job or every other tech job, there are quite a lot of roles in the tech sales industry. In this article, I will be discussing the high demand roles in this industry.

  1. Sales Development Reps, also called Business Development Reps, are in charge of generating suitable leads against target market criteria. They do not concern themselves with closing leads. They instead focus on outreach, prospecting, and lead qualification.
  2. Account Executives (AE) work hand in hand with an SDR. They focus on closing a business with a client or a company. AE work with a revenue target. They also are paid commissions when they sell the company’s products and services.
  3. Customer Success Managers (CSM) are in charge of ensuring existing customers retention. Once an AE closes a business with a client, he hands over the customer to the CSM, who then makes sure, the client is satisfied with the product and services.

other career paths include:

Sales Executive.

Inbound Marketing Rep.

Sales Operation, Sales Consultant, Sales Associate.

Account Manager.

Technical sales etc.

The average income of an entry-level position is $60k annually.

Advantages of a tech sales job

In a tech sales job, little or no experience can get you a job in this field. Companies usually look for people with great communication skills to employ for this position. Since most of its entry-level position is commission-based, one can easily get a job in this field. 

Working as a salesperson for a technology company can help build up your network. You would frequently meet a variety of people from different industries and companies. Thus, building a professional relationship can help sustain your career growth.

A salesperson is more likely to learn versatile skills while on the job. These skills can include customer relationships, negotiation, communication skills and problem-solving.

Tech salespersons have the opportunity to learn the features of modern technology and how to operate it. They also get familiar with new technologies as they come. 

Another benefit of working in tech-focused sales is the high earning potential. Base salary is between $40,000 and $92,000. You also get the benefits of earning bonuses and commissions that increase as you generate sales.

Career security is also an advantage of working a tech sales job. You can also do a tech sales role remotely. In fact, more than 50% of tech sales roles are done remotely. 

You can find all level sales jobs at vizajobs.com. There are a variety of entry-level, mid-level, Vp positions and other top-level roles in tech sales. 

What are the skills required of a tech salesperson?

Communication Skill: You will need great communication skills to speak with prospective clients. Effective communications will help prospective better understand your product or the services you are offering.

Motivation to Drive: Because of the difficulties in generating and closing deals, you will need personal motivation and drive to be able to do the work efficiently. 

Time Management: Long hours and stressful situations are common in the field. It is important to condition yourself with the skills to manage a tight schedule. You also have to learn to meet deadlines and work on hours outside the speculated working hours.

Attention to details: As mentioned earlier, selling technology products isn’t easy. It is, therefore, crucial that you understand all the products you sell. Strong attention to detail can help you see the needs of your client. It can also help avoid overlooking customer-specific needs in place of wants.

Acquired Certifications: There is a wide range of free sales certifications you can find online to get a competitive edge in the job market. Acquire as much as required. Having these certifications on an application shows hiring managers that you are willing to put effort into your job.

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