what do miscellaneous jobs pay

what do miscellaneous jobs pay
Let’s take a walk down memory lane. I can bet many years back when asked the career you would pursue, you either said stuff like; Law, Medicine, Business Management, Journalism etc.  Quick question, Did you end up chasing any of those professions? Or you’re wondering “What Do Miscellaneous Jobs Pay?” because you seem to have found love in something wayyyy different than you expected?

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong in making a new career decision or following an entirely different career path. What matters is that you’re making money doing something that you love and enjoy doing right?
To the question of the day: “What Do Miscellaneous Jobs Pay?” If you find yourself asking the question it means one thing. You’re interested in taking on a miscellaneous job. In this article, I’ll be making a list of several miscellaneous jobs, their qualifications and average salary of course. Before we dive down, we need to know this.

What Are Miscellaneous Jobs?

what do miscellaneous jobs pay
Miscellaneous jobs are otherwise known as odd jobs. The are called odd jobs is because they aren’t the regular “go to” kind of jobs for most people. However, some pay insanely well.
If you want want to try something new or simply want to increase your savings, there are a variety of miscellaneous jobs available, ranging from morbid occupations like Embalmer, Undertaker, or Professional Mourner to jobs you’ve never heard of before like Soil Scientist, Bed Warmer, Bingo Manager, Podiatrist, and even Online Dating Ghostwriter. It’s okay, don’t worry; you’re not the only one who didn’t realise some of these careers existed in the real world, but one thing is certain: taking unconventional pathways can pay off handsomely if you want to have a successful career.

What do Miscellaneous Jobs Pay?

To answer your question “What do miscellaneous pay?” Here is a list of miscellaneous jobs and their average annual pay.

Average annual salary: $40,000
Working as a soap boiler will assist people in getting squeaky clean. Small to medium-sized soap manufacturers need soap boilers for a multistep process that transforms fats into “neat soap” for use in bars and powders. According to Brittanica, you’ll be dealing with a “grainy, curdy mass of soap” and a “pasty boiling mass that is treated with brine” during the soap-making process. You could make this your profession with just a high school diploma

Average annual salary: $42,000
Have you ever wondered how singers and actresses manage to change costumes several times during a live performance? This is where costume assistants come in. You would be responsible for selecting and fitting costumes for entertainers, as well as maintaining the outfits between performances. You’d be in charge of making Lady Gaga transform from a meat dress to a ball gown to a power suit draped in Christmas lights in a matter of minutes. You must have a high school certificate and some short-term training to be a costume assistant.

Average annual salary: $47,000
Why not try embalming if you don’t mind coworkers that aren’t particularly chatty? Preparing bodies for incarceration is a vital profession, and the remuneration reflects that; you’d earn about $8,000 more per year than the national average. The sole requirements are an associate’s degree and extensive job experience, however sensitivity and reverence are also beneficial.

Average annual salary: $75,000
That green muck often floating on water surfaces has the potential to make you a fortune. Algae is considered to be an extremely important component of animal ecosystems, and algae scientists (also known as phycologists) study algae for a variety of purposes ranging from wastewater treatment to biofuel production. Obtain a bachelor’s degree in a related field to get started.
Learn more about becoming an Algae Scientist

Average annual salary: $125,000
A flavorist works with chemistry to generate both natural and synthetic flavours. A flavorist’s major goal is to create a set of seductively delicious new flavours that people will go crazy over. To recreate natural flavours and earn handsomely, one requires an all-encompassing knowledge of essential oils, flavour fragrances, botanical extracts, and essences in addition to a Ph.D. in chemistry or biochemistry.

Annual average salary: $57,000
Nobody wants to break the dreadful news regarding a loved one’s death their family members. Someone needs to do it regardless. Bereavement coordinators are in charge of supervising the social professionals who deliver the devastating news. They are actively participating in a socio-emotional system aimed at making this overwhelming circumstance as painless as possible. Bereavement coordinators make sure these sensitive instances are  professionally, calmly, and collaboratively handled. Bereavement coordinators usually have a four-year college degree and work in places like hospices, nursing homes, and hospitals, assisting the survivors of those who have died of terminal illnesses.

Annual average salary: $50,000
It’s time to pick up the magnifying glass (read: a telescopic lens) and a bag of corn nuts to tide you over, just like Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, and Nancy Drew did before you. You’d be obtaining, evaluating, synthesising, and reporting information about possibly criminal individuals or organisations for your clients as a private investigator. To do the job, you only need a high school diploma and some on-the-job training.
It is also good to know that there is an expected to increase in job growth for detectives and investigators by 13% between 2020 to 2030.

Average annual salary: $52,000
On one hand, it is a call for concern that the demand for hearing aid experts is expected to increase by 11% between 2020 to 2030 and on a second thought it seems like a good opportunity for miscellaneous workers! You can definitely blame it on all the parents who have played the Baby Shark song over and over to pacify their child overlords. In any case, it’s good news for hearing aid specialists who only require a high school certificate and some on-the-job training. In this position, you would fit consumers with hearing aids and assess their hearing as well as the instrument’s effectiveness. You’d also take ear impressions and create, alter, and prepare ear models.

Hopefully, by now, you must have realised that going off the usual route can occasionally pay off handsomely. Career planning is a critical period in everyone’s life, and a variety of employment is surely not a terrible alternative if you’ve thoroughly reviewed the aforementioned complete list of professions. On the other hand, if you’d love to stick with White Collar jobs, you can start by applying HERE.

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