Top Remote Communication Jobs of 2022

Top Remote Communication Jobs of 2022

Communication Experts!!! Gather here! This one’s for you. Learn to accept remote communication jobs! Oh! Wanna know why? Hop on this article with me!

Let’s do a little bit of mind reading first. Let me guess, you are reading this article because you’re enthusiastic about using high-quality media content to entertain, influence, and inform people. Maybe you wish to work from home in a communications field, such as public relations, journalism, advertising, radio, or filmmaking? Last one I promise, you’ve been experiencing extreme burnout due to the haggle and hassle that comes with working on-site. Lol, I am no fortune teller but believe me when I tell you that the solution to your current predicament are REMOTE COMMUNICATION JOBS!


What Are Remote Communication Jobs?

Everything we do in society revolves around communication, from the decisions we make as customers to the organisational and interpersonal communication we encounter on a regular basis in our workplaces. Communication and jobs in communication impact all of these industries and more, from corporate growth, public relations, and marketing to health care administration, political communication, journalism, and technology.

The main responsibilities of remote communication professions may range from establishing a solid link between a company and the outside world, maintaining external and internal communications, to preparing media events. Furthermore, experts working in communications attend news conferences on behalf of their employers.


Top 5 Remote Communication Jobs in 2022

While many people wonder what kind of part-time jobs are available for communication majors, various work opportunities are emerging for communications experts, and they are projected to grow in the coming years. 


This is because we live in an information age, with more ways to find and consume data than ever before. Kindly permit me to introduce you to my specially curated list of top 10 remote communication jobs in 2022

  • Marketing Manager

Average annual salary: $105,000

Both marketing and advertising are critical to a company’s success. Professionals in these sectors assist in the creation of a brand identity, the development of a customer base, and the expansion of earnings.

As a marketing executive, your responsibilities might incude:

  • Carrying out market research.
  • Tracking market trends.
  • Working together with the sales, product development, and public relations departments.
  • Creating messaging strategies in order to raise brand recognition.
  • Creating content that is both clear and entertaining for a variety of media platforms


To secure a job in communications,  marketing or advertising, a bachelor’s degree in communications, advertising, or business is very necessary. You should also get accustomed to practising drafting marketing plans for businesses where you’d like to work as it may sometimes be a part of the interview process for higher-level employment.

  • Writing and Publishing Specialist

Average annual salary: $60,000

While digital media has become the standard, the requirement for efficient textual communication has not altered. Writing talents acquired through a communications degree can lead to positions in journalism, technical writing, book authorship, and publishing.

Your responsibilities might fall under any of the following: 

  • Communicate ideas through clear, concise writing.
  • Organising stuff in a way that effectively conveys information.
  • Content revision and preparation for publication.

Before applying for a remote communication job in writing and publishing, securing a bachelor’s degree in communications or journalism is required. Working for your school newspaper or participating in online writing forums could be an added advantage as it might help you improve your writing and editing skills.

  • Media Planner

Average annual salary: $63,000

Media planners are also known as brand planners or brand strategists. They work for advertising companies and produce advertisements for a variety of clients. The media planner consults with customers to assist them in making decisions about the course of a particular media campaign.

The primary goal of a media planner is to coordinate the placement of their client’s advertising content in multiple media venues. This helps to optimise advertising reach among the client’s target demographic. Television, the internet, radio, billboards, print, and direct mail are all examples of these mediums.

In order to choose the ideal combination of media outlets for an advertising campaign, media planners must first study the clicking, viewing, reading, and listening habits of consumers.

Communications students are uniquely suited to study how different demographic groups consume media in order to predict where advertisements should be placed in television/radio shows, websites, and magazine and newspaper articles.

When pitching their plans to advertising colleagues and executives, media planners use the presenting and writing abilities skills they acquired in communication studies.

  • Social Media Manager

Average annual salary: $55,000

Social media manager, it’s all about communicating with people. It should come as no surprise that communications majors, who are taught to study communication patterns, are highly prepared to assist businesses in leveraging their brands on social media.

Digital media has revolutionised the way we communicate and absorb information. Working in this field entails distributing a company’s message using social media, online news platforms, and other digital technologies.

The following are some of the responsibilities of a social media manager:

  • Managing the social media profiles of a firm.
  • Creating a plan for digital content.
  • Tell creative brand stories using visual elements.
  • Using the internet to communicate with the general public

It is important to plan and track success of digital initiatives.

A bachelor’s degree in communications or public relations is required for most digital or social media specialists. Knowledge of social media networks and search engine optimization (SEO) best practises are also required.

  • Client Support/ Customer Service Executive

Average annual salary: $49,000

Customers usually speak with customer service representatives before purchasing any product or when they have any difficulty using a particular product, as well as other needs as they arise. Whether it’s to fill out an enquiry form, make a complaint, or make a comment about a product or service offered, a customer service representative fills in the gap for the company, providing customers with information.

The duty of a customer care professional is to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. They provide feedback to the company in order to improve both the company’s services and the customer experience.

A customer service representative is essentially a salesperson that seeks to encourage clients to buy things. He/She does this by dispelling their uncertainties and assisting them in making informed decisions. In normal or emergency conditions, a good customer service person thinks quickly, processes information, and solves problems.


Whether you’re looking to experience general career growth, or just looking to kick start your career, REMOTE COMMUNICATION JOBS come in very handy. Here’s a mini tutorial on how you can find and apply for remote communication jobs!


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