Software Engineer Jobs

Software professionals looking to develop their careers have a number of software engineer jobs to pick from. The best employment for software engineers are ones that allow workers to specialize, optimize their income, and assume leadership positions.

Software engineers are specialists in computer science who create software products, create computer games, and manage network control systems using their understanding of engineering principles and programming languages.

The US Department of Labor estimates that by 2023, there will be well over a million people working software engineer jobs. Most certainly, the demand for software engineers will only grow as more and more of us rely on smart devices; by 2030, job growth is expected to be 22%.

Top Software Engineer Jobs in 2022

The field of software engineering is vast. Developers possess a variety of technical skills, including the ability to develop computer information systems, maintain network security, and design customer-facing web sites. These top software engineer jobs give professionals the chance to explore new career paths and speciality roles:

  • Javascript Engineer

Average annual salary: $109,600

A JavaScript engineer is an expert in creating visual elements for the user-side of websites using the JavaScript coding language. They frequently work together on coding projects with front end engineers and web designers. Therefore, a bachelor’s degree in a field like software engineering or computer programming, along with JavaScript programming certificates, can be advantageous for JavaScript engineers.

  • Full-Stack Engineer

Average annual salary: $108,200

The front and back end components of software programs and applications are designed, programmed, and tested by full stack engineers. They typically receive code jobs from managers or directly from clients, and they have a deadline to meet. To verify functionality, full-stack developers also carry out tests and troubleshoot issues with the software. Candidates must complete a bachelor’s degree program in a field like software engineering or web development in order to work as a full stack engineer.

  • Software Development Engineer

Average annual salary: $111,100

A software engineer, often known as a software developer, creates, codes, and tests software applications. They may work for multinational organizations spanning industries, but they may also work for software firms or on their own. Candidates should be excellent coders and preferably hold a bachelor’s degree in software engineering to be employed as software engineers.

  • Mobile Engineer

Average annual salary: $117,200

Application design, development, and testing for phones and other mobile devices are areas of expertise for mobile engineers. They can work for a specific phone company to create applications for its products, or they can create apps for businesses and software engineering organizations’ customers. Typically, mobile engineers hold bachelor’s degrees in software engineering, though they may also work for master’s degrees in fields like mobile application development. Hence, corporate certifications can be helpful for individuals who want to develop applications for a certain phone brand.

  • Cloud Engineer

Average annual salary: $117,600

Cloud engineers specialize in assisting businesses with the setup and upkeep of critical data storage systems on the cloud. As part of their duties, they carry out conventional coding tasks and are often familiar with how to establish cloud storage solutions using cloud providers. One or more cloud certifications and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, software engineering, or data science are advantages for cloud engineers. Additionally, cloud engineers should have several years of professional experience working in software engineering positions or other professions associated with the cloud.

  • iOS Engineer

Average annual salary: $119,900

A specialist in developing apps for Apple devices is an iOS engineer. In addition, they frequently work for businesses from a variety of industries. These industries wish to develop company applications that staff members or consumers can access through the Apple store. Hence, candidates for the position of iOS engineer must hold a bachelor’s degree in software development or software engineering. They can also gain advantage from iOS certifications.

  • Development Operations Engineer

Average annual salary: $122,800

A DevOps engineer, also known as a development operations engineer, works in coordination with the IT and software teams as well as the business departments to assess how new software, automated systems, or integrated processes could improve business operations. They could also be in charge of employing code to automate or integrate the software already used by the organization. A bachelor’s degree in a field like software engineering or computer science is required to work as a DevOps engineer. DevOps certificates are also available to aid professionals in deepening their knowledge.

  • Backend Engineer

Average annual salary: $120,600

For a website or web application, the server-side components are created by a backend engineer. To integrate their work with front end features, they work with Python programmers and front end engineers. People can either obtain certificates in computer programming, web development, and backend development, or a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, web development, or computer programming to work as a backend engineer.

  • Software Engineering Lead

Average annual salary: $125,600

A software engineering lead is an expert in the field who uses their in-depth knowledge to direct a group of software engineers as they carry out everyday responsibilities. They keep track of deadlines, assess individual performance, and mentor young software engineers. Therefore, a bachelor’s degree in software engineering and a few years of experience working in a software engineering position are standard requirements for software engineering leads.

  • Application Security Engineer

Average annual salary: $125,000

An expert in ensuring the security of websites or software applications is called an application security engineer. To increase an application’s security, they do this by running penetration testing, putting cyber security measures in place, and adding secure code. Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree in computer programming, software engineering, or cyber security in order to work as an application security engineer. Acquiring certificates in cyber security might also be advantageous to them.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

Average annual salary: $150,600

To assist computers in sorting and interpreting data, machine learning engineers design and test machine learning systems. In addition, they collaborate closely with data scientists to develop models at the production level and develop automated instructions that enable computers to choose data points in accordance with those needs.

Most people need a master’s degree in computer science or computer engineering to work as a machine learning engineer. They might, however, also have a PhD in the area. To improve their comprehension of coding, they can also profit from taking on entry-level positions in computer programming or software engineering.

  • Android Engineer

Average annual salary: $118,000

Application design, development, and testing for Android mobile devices are the domain of Android engineers. Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or software development in order to work as an Android engineer. In conclusion, by obtaining certificates in Android application design, they can increase their credentials.

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Once you’re a software engineer, you can decide which career path, systems or applications you want to pursue.  You can also decide how far you want to advance along it. You can choose to advance to a position as a senior software engineer. One may keep accumulating experience, certificates, and positions like project manager or systems manager. You may design the kind of job experience that appeals to you the most as a software engineer. Most importantly, this is because you have the flexibility and mobility to do so.


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