Software Developer Apprenticeship

 A software and web development apprenticeships turn you into a coding expert. Use your logic and creative flair to create apps, websites, and games.

A Software Developer Apprenticeship (also described as a Coding Apprenticeship) is an excellent platform for a lucrative career in the tech industry. You’ll also master the fundamental skills needed to thrive in the profession and launch your career in software development.

Much of the digital world is built by software developers. They also operate at the cutting edge of the digital sector, adapting and adjusting to the continuously changing technology and products that flood the market.

Software developer apprenticeships are available for entry-level individuals looking to get into the programming sector with or without a degree. 

During an apprenticeship, your responsibilities will include:

  •  Learning to write and test code
  • Working in a professional development environment
  • Utilizing software development frameworks and techniques.

Some software developer apprenticeships require apprentices to work under the supervision of a mentor. Others, however, will require apprentices to execute entry-level duties as part of a development team. 

Software Developer Apprenticeship is a structured program of varying duration, ranging from a year up to six years. Additionally, apprentices even earn a degree at the end of their program in some cases.

Upon completion of an apprenticeship, an individual becomes a software developer and can apply to work at big companies or as a freelancer.

Software developers design, build, test and maintain software systems. They also develop websites, apps, games, and productivity tools from the ground up.

During your apprenticeship, you will learn several skills, both soft and hard skills. These skills will encompass the specific abilities necessary to excel in a software developer career. 

Software Developer Hard Skills

Software developers need a strong command of major programming languages and tools to help them with their jobs. Furthermore, a software developer apprentice can learn several languages Ruby, Scala, HTML, R, PHP and many others. Nonetheless, you may need to become an expert in one or two languages. A software developer must have a basic or expert knowledge of the following standard language.

  • JavaScript: JavaScript is an interpreted high-level programming language that adheres to the ECMAScript standard. Javascript is a dynamic, multi-paradigm, and weakly typed programming language. The language, for instance, is one of the three essential technologies of the World Wide Web, along with HTML and CSS.


  • Python: Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language that is interpreted. Python’s design philosophy stresses code readability through the use of extensive whitespace and explicit programming on big and small scales.


  • ASP.NET: ASP.NET is an open-source software platform that allows users to create software apps and services using NET. Users may utilize these resources to develop websites that make use of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. Users may learn about open-source and cross-platform possibilities for building modern cloud-based software applications on the website, which includes Linux, Windows, and Mac.


  • C#: C# is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language that supports imperative, strong typing, functional, declarative, object-oriented, component-oriented, and generic programming disciplines. Additionally, Microsoft developed the C# as part of the NET programme. The programme has also been approved as a standard language by ISO and ECMA.


  • Java: As a general-purpose programming language, Java features class-based, concurrent, object-oriented functions. Designed to minimize implementation dependencies, Java allows application developers to “write once, run anywhere.” Java is one of the most popular programming languages used today, especially for client-server software applications.

Tech Companies That Offer Software developer Apprenticeships

1. Google Software Developer Apprenticeship Program

Google runs a work-and-study apprenticeship program where apprentices can learn while being paid. The program is open worldwide, and the duration can vary based on your geography. Typically, their apprenticeships run anywhere from 12 months to 4 years. 

An individual with a university degree holder can also apply if the individual satisfies the minimum eligibility conditions. They must, however, have a degree not equivalent to or relating to the apprenticeship programme. 

2. Deloitte Software Developer Apprenticeship Program

The Deloitte apprenticeship is a paid Software Developer Apprenticeship. An apprentice is assigned to a coach at the start of the programme. The coach will work with the apprentice throughout the 24-month apprenticeship.

Furthermore, the program can include 2-3 work placement rotations with a support team leader for each placement rotation. The apprenticeship programme runs for two years; 1 to 6 months of offsite training and 7 to 24 months of work placement at Deloitte. An apprentice will equally get an Advanced Certificate in Computer Programming upon completion.

3. IBM Software Developer Apprenticeship Program

The IBM Software developer apprenticeship program is specifically offered to people without a university degree; who are interested in technology. Apprentices can anticipate mentoring and support at every step of the journey targeted at their personal and professional goals. The program is open worldwide and runs for two years. Once the apprenticeship is complete, successful participants are qualified to work at IBM in full-time positions.

4. Amazon

The Amazon software development apprenticeship program runs across Europe and the UK. The apprenticeship runs in the following country with the timeframe below:

UK – application window opens in February, and apprentices start between May and October, depending on the program.

France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia – roles open in February/March, and apprentices start between August and October, depending on the program.

Germany – roles open all year round, and apprentices start in August/September.

5. Microsoft LEAP Apprenticeship Program

Microsoft’s Leap Program was launched in 2015 into the tech space and is open at Microsoft offices worldwide. The apprenticeship program runs for 16-week in an immersive that thus combines classroom learning with engineering projects.

Participants get the experience of collaborating with teams to work on real wold Microsoft projects like Azure, Xbox and Office365. Apprentices can also take other programs in the tech space, such as Software Engineering, User Experience design and Data Analysis.

6. Barclays

Barclays Bank offers two levels of apprenticeship programmes in the United Kingdom and the United States; the foundation apprenticeship and the higher apprenticeship programs. Foundation Apprenticeships are specifically for students who have completed their GCSEs (in the United Kingdom) or have a high school diploma (in the US). Those with A-levels or similar credentials are eligible for the Higher Apprenticeship Program.

Furthermore, an apprentice who wishes to further their education can do so while in the program.

7. Softwire

The Softwire apprenticeship is offered in the UK. Non-UK candidates, however, are welcome to apply because the programme provides relocation assistance. The software apprenticeship program runs for two years with 3 full months of training and a salary of £24,000, plus a bonus and other benefits.

8. LinkedIn Reach Apprenticeship

REACH is an engineering apprenticeship program at LinkedIn targeted toward people looking to start or restart their careers in software engineering. Apprentices should anticipate staying in the programme for at least one year and no more than five years. The amount of time an apprentice spends in this programme varies based on their starting skill set, experience, and success through the programme. Apprentice will also have the opportunity to be promoted to full-time Software Developer upon completion of the program.

9. Meta Apprenticeship Program

Metaverse is a technology company whose products are Messenger, Facebook, News Feed, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Oculus. The metaverse apprenticeship program runs for 18 months and it is only available to people without a university degree. Apprentice will also earn a Level 4 Higher diploma after the Apprenticeship program.

10. Lyft Engineering Apprenticeship

Lyft offers several different apprenticeships in its US offices. This apprenticeship is ideal for people who have attended coding boot camps. Other backgrounds are also welcome to apply.

11. Twitter’s Engineering Apprenticeship Program

The Twitter apprenticeship program is a one-year program with full-time employment benefits. Apprentices are hired from a variety of backgrounds, including coding boot camps, self-taught coders, veterans, and caregivers looking to return to work. Women, people of colour, Latinx people, and indigenous people, as well as other underrepresented groups in technology, are also urged to apply.

12. Openbet Escape the city apprenticeship

The apprenticeship program is a 21-month placement. The first 3 months consist of remote learning via Makers, a renowned BootCamp maker. Apprentices will have the next five weeks of training in an Openbet tech stack office, where you will join a team and have real experience in software development. Apprentices will also earn a level 4 software apprenticeship diploma equivalent to a foundation degree.

13. Spotify’s Technology Fellowship

The Spotify Tech Fellowship is designed for beginning developers. You might be a Bootcamp graduate, self-taught, or have a community college degree. The program runs for a period of 18-weeks.

14. Shopify Dev Degree

The Dev Degree program is created by Shopify in collaboration with three universities in Canada. If you get into the Dev Degree program, Shopify pays for your tuition at these Universities and also provides you with a competitive internship stipend to support your living expenses.

Throughout the programme, you will study University classes while also working as an intern at Shopify.

15. Twilio Hatch Apprenticeship Program

Hatch is a 6‑month software engineering apprenticeship program for underrepresented persons. The program runs in two parts. In the first phase, participants work together on projects and challenges; each participant is partnered with an engineering manager in the second phase. Participants also receive mentorship from technical specialists.

16. Adobe Digital Academy

The program’s goal is to help underrepresented groups in technology. Participants receive intense technical instruction before participating in three to six months of real-world work experience to evaluate and develop their abilities.

Participants will get the opportunity to work as a remote technical intern with Adobe. They can also gain full-time positions at Adobe upon completion of the program if they meet the criteria.

17. Thoughtbot

Thoughtbot provides a three-month compensated apprenticeship programme for Web, iOS, and UI Designers. An apprentice has the potential for advancement to a full-time position.

18. BBC Software developer apprentice program

BBC Hub Apprentices undertake a blended work-based apprenticeship, made up of placements and off the job training on formally recognised apprenticeship standards. Placements will be with employers in the Creative and Digital sectors. Furthermore, an apprentice will earn a starting salary of £15,074.

19. Launch Scout Developer Apprenticeship

The Launch Scout paid apprenticeship runs for a period of 6-months. Additionally, apprentices will collaborate closely together and an experienced Mentor. These mentors will also assist apprentices to begin a career in software development.

20.  WePay Software Engineer Apprenticeship

WePay’s apprentice programme is specifically offered to applicants who are new to software engineering and do not have a background in computer science. It seeks to give a chance to acquire and improve such abilities in a friendly atmosphere with supervision from our full-time engineering employees. Apprentice will complete two 3-month rotations on different engineering teams.

What kind of job can I get with a Software Developer Apprenticeship?

Completing a Software Developer Apprenticeship is a great route for ample employment opportunities in the tech space. For example, you can work as a game developer, web developer and app developer

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Salaries for junior or entry-level web developers range from £19,000 to £25,000. Mid-level and senior web developers also earn between £25,000 and £35,000. While lead developers typically earn between £35,000 and £60,000, potentially rising to £75,000 in London.

Similarly, the graduate salaries for application developers start at around £20,000. Once established, you can expect to earn £34,000 to £40,000. As a senior applications developer, your salary will be in the region of £45,000 to £70,000.

An entry-level game developer’s salary ranges from £19,000 to £25,000. Once you have a few years of experience, you may earn a salary of £35,000 to £50,000. In a senior position, such as team leader or technical director, your salary can range from £55,000 to over £75,000.


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