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what is tech salesThere is no doubt that the technology industry is flourishing globally, and there are several openings that must be filled. Likewise, the world of sales is always changing, never stagnant, and this is especially true in the area of tech sales. With new disruptive technologies constantly entering the market, tech salespeople must adapt on the job, whether it’s in terms of the products and services they offer or the clients they work with.

Surprisingly, sales jobs are among the most difficult to fill in the tech industry. While the sector as a whole is experiencing a skills shortage, sales should be one of the most appealing IT occupations.

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What is Tech Sales?

Tech sales (technology sales) is all about identifying the customers who may benefit from a specific solution and demonstrating to them how that solution can satisfy their demands. Technology sales, which include hardware (computers, servers, networking devices), software (operating systems), and services (applications, big data, and cloud computing), can vary substantially based on the firm and the type of sales you undertake. There is also a lot of possibility to learn about different sorts of technology sales and improve your awareness of the field as a whole with a business like Dell, which offers solutions in all three of these areas.

You’ll be responsible for connecting consumers (individuals or enterprises) with technology that can assist them address a specific problem in a tech sales position. Depending on the type of organisation you work for, the type of technology you sell will vary, from actual hardware to software or other services.

For instance, a day in the life of a tech salesperson might be very different from day to day, although the job itself is similar to many other sales positions. The main distinction is that IT salespeople operate in one of the most rapidly growing (and lucrative) areas in the world, and they use their sales skills to cultivate customer connections.

But, regardless of the specifics, the most important thing to remember in this customer-facing position is that you’re responsible for communicating with and educating prospective customers, eventually, completing the purchase.

Major Responsibilities of a Tech Sales Specialist

Tech sales specialists have two main tasks, from knowing the ins and outs of the technology they deal with to researching potential clients and putting together packages to match their needs:

1) promoting the goods of the company for which they work.

2) ensuring that their clients get the most value from the technological solution they purchase.

While you may believe that to work in tech sales, you must major in a technology-related field, this is not always the case. Many Dell tech sales people began with a keen interest in technology and learnt the rest on the job.

What do Tech Sales Specialists do?

Tech sales specialists have a wide range of responsibilities depending on the company or product they are working with. However, there are some basic tech sales roles shared. These basics are:

  • Learning about the Product

Technology sales positions necessitates rigorous research and thorough knowledge of the products they offer. Dealing with businesses may be unpleasant, and with good reason: the majority of business owners have a low tolerance for mistakes. As a tech sales representative, you’ll need to know your products and be able to display them effectively.

  • Exercising Product Demonstration

In technology sales, product demonstrations are very vital. You (the representative) are demonstrating how your product will benefit the client. However, you must ensure that the client understands what you’re talking about and what you have to offer in order to do so.

  • Working as a Team

Collaboration with other members of the sales team is beneficial. Several professionals may work on the same project at the same time, especially for large clientele. Everyone wins when you work as a team, including the client.

  • Networking

Deals often come in through word-of-mouth, therefore networking is a big aspect of technology sales. Building relationships with the right individuals may be incredibly beneficial when marketing complex systems and technology solutions. Making relationships and talking to potential clients is a key aspect of the job.

  • Dealing with the Client

As a salesperson, you’ll be expected to close the transaction, which might be a difficult chore for some. The goal is to convert a prospect into a client, which necessitates the development of strong closing skills.

  • Customer satisfaction and follow-up

In the realm of technology sales, long-term connections are crucial. That implies the tech salesperson’s job is to check in with prospects and clients to make sure everything is working properly.

What is Tech Sales Salary?

Technology sales professionals in the US earn an average base pay of $67,542. That’s astounding, especially when you consider the commission benefit, which can be substantial. In addition, the average technology salesperson earns an extra $10,000 to $30,000 per year.

Some tech salespeople, on the other hand, earn more. The best earners in the profession earn more than $80,000 before commission, and many make $100,000 or more after only a few years in the business.

Here is a breakdown of of the role’s salary based on a few states in the US

StateAverage Salary
San Francisco, CA$81,400
Los Angeles, CA$72,700
Portland, OR$67,300
New York, NY$70,300
Philadelphia, PA$66,500
Seattle, WA$73,900
Minneapolis, MN$62,400
Atlanta, GA$73,000
Phoenix, AZ$62,500
Boston, MA$61,700
Miami, FL$63,500
Chicago, IL$62,200
Milwaukee, WI$61,700
Cleveland, OH$60,000
Dallas, TX$64,000


In conclusion, while there are some obstacles to overcome in technology sales, there are also numerous advantages. Working with cutting-edge technology, meeting brilliant and imaginative people from a variety of industries, and having the ability to learn and grow with others on your team are just a few of the benefits. Working in sales, in fact, is a fantastic opportunity to extend your professional network both within and outside of the industry, which can help you grow your sales business or move into other areas of technology. Start your journey to being a tech sales professional HERE

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