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The Public Health program is for those who want to improve the health of individuals and communities. Bachelor’s or Masters’s graduates of public health programs can find a variety of jobs in both the private and public sectors, depending on their education level. Public health degree jobs involve many forms of employment, including research, policy writing, education, and leadership.

Furthermore, opportunities range from working in local communities to progressing in global public health and wellness. There are also opportunities for teaching public health courses at a college level or in NGOs.

In this article, we would highlight some jobs you can get with a bachelor’s public health degree and a master’s public health degree.

We would also highlight some jobs you can get outside the public health with your public health degree.

5 Jobs you can get with a BPSH degree

A bachelor’s degree in public health (BPH) is the entry-level degree for new college students and returning professionals. Each entry-level listing here includes the average salary of the respective roles in the United States.

Community Health Worker/Specialist

Avg. annual salary – $39,441

Community health workers/specialists treat various diseases and their exposure. They also act as a liaison between an organisation and a community in order to facilitate community members’ access to critical health services.

If you appreciate listening, coordinating, and obtaining data, as well as working closely with individuals to locate and utilise critical health services, this is the right career for you.

Public Health Administrator

Avg. annual salary – $69,757

Administrators of public health plan and administer illness prevention initiatives and public services. Professionals in this sector serve as a link between local preventative agencies and regulations governing public health initiatives.

Health care Administrator

Avg. annual salary – $81,724

Health care administrators supervise the business side of health care while ensuring a smooth operation so that medical practitioners may focus on giving exceptional treatment to their patients.

If you have great attention to detail skills, are highly organised, maybe like business and yet are still interested in health care or public health, this career may be a good fit for you.

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Avg. annual salary – $59,075

A demographer examines and tracks population patterns such as birth and death rates, gender ratios, age ratios, living circumstances, and many more. A demographer typically works at governmental organisations, such as BLS, the US Census Bureau, and other agencies dedicated to collecting information about the population.

Research Assistant

Avg. annual salary – $54,475

Public health research assistants work in laboratories, colleges, or research organisations to help uncover solutions to health-related concerns. Invariably, research experts will specialise in a specific area of public health, such as disease or ailment testing.

5 Jobs you can get with an MPH degree

A Master of Public Health (MPH) is best suited for those with a degree or work experience in health care. People who wish to branch into public health can also enrol in the MPH degree, which allows them to become well-rounded in public health and develop a specialisation. When you enrol in an MPH program, you usually have the option of concentrating in a specific area, such as epidemiology, global health, or maternal and child health, which can prepare you for work in each field.

Lots of employment are available for people with a master’s degree in public health. 

Public Health Epidemiologist

Avg. annual salary – $102,056

Public health epidemiologists are professionals that gather and evaluate data on disease, sickness, and injury in specific locations. Epidemiologists also generate and maintain reports on their findings, which they transmit to the proper data reporting source.

Child Health Specialist

Avg. annual salary – $55,856

Child health professionals focus on promoting the overall health and well-being of children. A child health specialist’s function also spans from paediatrics to play therapy and even children’s hospice.

If you are passionate about children and their well-being, this job is fit for you.

Clinical Research Coordinator

Avg. annual salary – $66,437

Clinical research coordinators recruit participants for public health studies and acquire their permission. They also help with research, analysis, and delivering results to appropriate agencies.

Furthermore, research is a crucial component of what makes public health benefits to society.

Public Health Educator

Avg. annual salary – $68,120

Public health educators are responsible for teaching people about healthy practices. These public health professionals are also responsible for devising and implementing health-improvement initiatives for specific areas and groups. Educators in public health may focus on different aspects of public health, such as nutrition, exercise, drug use, and chronic disease.

Environmental Scientist 

Avg. annual salary – $60,925

Environmental health professionals research the effects of environmental elements on human health. They look into possible health concerns such as contaminated drinking water, sickness, and food safety. They also educate the public about potential environmental health dangers.

Featured Jobs You Can Get with Your Public Health Degrees

  1. Community Activists – They Identify community health issues. They also address the health issues by pushing for new programmes and services. Their average annual salary is $34,125.
  2. Communicable Disease Analyst – Educates and advises others on the transmission of diseases and illnesses. Their average annual salary is $71,651.
  3. Food Service Sanitarian – They inspect food service businesses. They also ensure that their facilities fulfil public health requirements. The average annual salary of a food service sanitarian is $49,666.
  4. Forensic Pathologists – These professionals examine the bodies of deceased persons to identify the cause of death. Typically, their services are only required after a suspected crime has occurred. Their average annual salary is pegged at $93028.
  5. Infection Preventionist – Works in a range of contexts to identify and prevent infection origins. Their average annual salary is $101899
  6. Medical Writer – Produces papers, journals, and other medical-related texts. Their average annual salary is $78,176
  7. Public Health Lecturer – Delivering readings and presentations on public health to a variety of groups. The average annual salary of a Public Health Lecturer is $60576
  8. Political Scientists – They are responsible for researching governmental institutions in a country and also in the international space, with an emphasis on how decisions influence public health in general. Their average annual salary is $90,366
  9. Public Health Lab Scientist – Works in laboratories doing public health testing on samples. Additionally, they may make use of environmental samples or body fluids to carry out tests on diseases that affect public health. Typically their average annual salary is $83,771
  10. Public Health Librarian – They maintain catalogues of public health texts and control access to them. Most Public health librarians work in medical libraries at colleges and may also work in hospitals with libraries. They earn an average salary of $61,100

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