tech jobs near me

tech jobs near me

Just like you, Jane has been trying to find tech jobs in Charlotte, NC. Having sent out her 100th application for the week, Jane closed her laptop and said to herself “I genuinely hope I land one of these jobs, else I’d have to move back to Germany.”


Ever since Jane moved to Charlotte from Germany where she worked as a front-end developer for many years, she has been job hunting. It is now a norm for her. Sending at least 100 job applications weekly to several companies always took the topmost position on her weekly TO DO list. Tomorrow makes it three weeks since she made this decision and it’s beginning to seem like all her efforts are futile. As expected, fear is kicking in.


Here’s why:

None of the companies she sent out applications to have written her back. The only form of reply she has gotten are automated ones. This began to pose as a huge cause of concern. Could it be something she’s doing wrong? Is there a possibility that she hasn’t been attending to these applications well?

What Has She been Doing Wrong?

“Shoot!” Jane screamed. “Oh My! What have I done?” Jane rushes to her PC and immediately pulls out her resume. With her hands above her head, she says: “This is probably why finding tech jobs in Charlotte, NC has been sooooo difficult!”


Yes, job hunting can be extremely frustrating sometimes. I mean, it takes a lot of intentionality and hard work to see desired results. However, in a bid to meet application deadlines, you want to be sure that you are sending out your applications the right way, avoiding mistakes and at the same time following given instructions.


While Jane was busy working hard to submit as many applications as possible every week, she ended up making a mistake that automatically nullified all the applications she sent out. It took her over two weeks to realise she still had her German address on her resume. Wild right? Surprisingly, many people replicate this silly mistake on their applications too.


Are you a newbie in Charlotte just like Jane? Or you’re just starting your career in tech? Have you been wondering how to land tech jobs near you? (Within Charlotte, NC). This article is certainly for you. Continue reading and thank me later.

Reasons Why you’ve been Unable to Find Tech Jobs in Charlotte.

The truth is; there’s no hack or special formula to finding tech jobs in Charlotte, NC or anywhere around the world but there are certain things that you surely do not want to overlook. For instance, commonly made mistakes.



A shocking number of job seekers do not take the time to create a list of potential employers or curate a job-search strategy. This plan is a vital aspect of your job search because it helps you to be proactive rather than reactive in your job hunt. It helps narrow the scope of your search. It tells you what to do on a timely basis. Make a good strategy and stick to it. In your approach, be systematic rather than haphazard. Keep track of your progress and make changes to the strategy as needed. Most importantly, resist the urge to “Go with the flow”.



It is very crucial to have a strong CV and cover letter. Feel free to check out Quintessential Careers for free resume and CV writing resources. As a job applicant, you should tailor each cover letter and résumé to the job position. Not only should your application speak strongly to your experience and skills in the tech industry, it must always be up-to-date.

Also put in time researching the company you are applying to before sending your CV. You want to be sure the company is in line with your career goals before jumping on the job.


Another reason why you haven’t been landing tech job offers near you is either because YOU HAVEN’T BEEN SEARCHING IN THE RIGHT PLACES OR YOU HAVEN’T BEEN FOLLOWING INFORMATION FROM CREDIBLE SOURCES. There are lots and lots of job search websites on the internet but only a few are credible. You want to be sure you are searching and applying to tech jobs in Charlotte using credible platforms. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your precious time.

How to Find Tech Jobs in Charlotte, NC

Which of the mistakes have you been a victim of? Having identified your stumbling block, I’ll advise you follow these action steps:



Just like Jane did, find your way back to that PC of yours and fix that problem! Pull out that cover letter, resume or whatever application document.



If need be, re-strategize and map out the credible sources you’re going to be sticking with. Ask yourself if you would be applying for strictly remote jobs, on-site jobs or both. Do not forget to attach a reason to whatever answer suits your search. If you choose to go with working strictly remotely, feel free to check out reliable tech remote jobs via VizaJobs. You just might come across something that interests you.

Another thing you want to take note of while re-strategizing is your niche in tech. Do well to keep your application around your specific niche except you’re looking to pick a career or grow in another specialisation. This helps keep your job hunt more streamlined to a particular area.



No, you didn’t fall sick and it isn’t only ailing people that need to recover. Come to think of it, you were suffering from a sickness called “I don’t know how to find tech jobs around me” so yes you were ailing. On a more serious note, you need to recover from all the higgy-hagga of the past.

Take each application one after the other. You really do not want to get worked up over this.


So long you’re on the right path, you’d definitely hear back from the hiring managers even if it takes a while. Stay Consistent, don’t give up!

I hope this is resourceful and turns out helpful in your job hunt.

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