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Have you ever imagined making a living from the comfort of your living room? Want to avoid the daily commute to an office yet have the passion for a job in technology? Then take a look at these lucrative remote tech jobs.

Certainly, remote employment is on the rise, and remote IT positions are becoming more prevalent. Working from home can be an enjoyable and convenient way to make money while pursuing your passion. As this list of lucrative remote tech jobs demonstrates, it’s not only for telemarketing or data entry any more!

  • Cloud Solutions Architect

Average annual salary: $119,100

A cloud solutions architect can manage a company’s cloud computing strategy from home, supervising the design and implementation of applications in cloud environments. It is often necessary to have prior knowledge of programming languages like Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails.

  • Solutions Architect

Average annual salary: $116,700

Work-from-home solutions architects create and guide implementation of technical solutions. Therefore, consulting with and acting as an advisor to the company is a needed skill. A degree in computer science, information technology, or software engineering is often required.

  • Software Engineer

Average annual salary: $106,400

Software engineering is similar to web development in that it also involves development, however, it focuses on software and systems for computers. Undoubtedly, you’ll play a crucial role in designing the technology that powers businesses and organizations in this well-paying IT career. You won’t have to look far to find remote employment options for software engineers, who make excellent team members.

  • IT Project Manager

Average annual salary: $93,200

To organize the activities of team members in all of the aforementioned jobs (and many more!), IT project managers are required. Consider a job in IT project management if you excel at organizing, planning, and leading especially from a distance and enjoy interacting with clients and end users.

  • Dev-Ops Engineer

Average annual salary: $92,300

DevOps engineers can manage the creation and continuous upkeep of a website platform remotely. The work also includes system administration and managing cloud infrastructure. It is frequently necessary to have knowledge of CSS, HTTP, SSL, HTML, XML, and Java.

  • UX Designer

Average annual salary: $90,600

Have you ever experienced frustration while attempting to use a website? The people who will make that right and develop a wonderful digital experience are user experience (UX) designers! This position might be ideal for you if you’re a natural problem-solver who enjoys teamwork and using creativity in your job. In order to improve user experience, UX designers do research on the demographics of website and app users. Even better, this kind of position makes remote employment prospects possible!

  • Security Engineer

Average annual salary: $88,400

Solutions are offered by security engineers to make systems and projects more secure. Typical responsibilities include maintaining logs, carrying out routine security audits, identifying vulnerabilities, and creating automation scripts.

  • Systems Administrator

Average annual salary: $84,200

The purchase, installation, maintenance, and updates of computer systems are very essential to businesses in the modern world, in addition to the creation and development of systems. You’ll assist in selecting the best systems and ensuring that they function effectively and efficiently as a system administrator (or sysadmin). With the help of remote technology, this is all feasible from home. Additionally, there are many remote IT jobs available that pay well.

  • Quality Assurance Manager

Average annual salary: $74,100

Indeed, the field of quality assurance testing may be a dream come true if you have a strong background in technology, an eye for detail, and are an excellent communicator. This position is crucial to design and development since it involves planning, carrying out, and reporting on software and system testing.

  • Database Administrator

Average annual salary: $72,700

In addition to database programming, persons in this type of role will design, install, and maintain databases in a client/server context. Typically, one must have some familiarity or experience with database query languages.

  • Website Developer

Average annual salary: $72,200

You will create the websites and applications that make up the World Wide Web as a web developer. Certainly, you can design web-based solutions for clients, organizations, and businesses to make life easier (or just more fun!) by coding in HTML and CSS and using languages like JavaScript and Ruby, all from the comfort of your living room.

  • Website Designer

Average annual salary: $71,700

The finest remote tech job may be as a web designer if you enjoy putting ideas into digital reality. You might be skilled in Photoshop, typography, UX and UI, graphic design, and more. This position is especially well-suited to working from home, whether you’re a freelancer or working in a team.

  • Technical Writer

Average annual salary: $68,500

As a technical writer, you can make use of your natural ability to simplify difficult ideas and provide precise instructions. For instance, you might be writing technical documentation, equipment manuals, or online assistance articles for this remote tech position. Along with writing, researching, editing, and proofreading, you can also find yourself illustrating. Also, thanks to collaborative technologies, you can work from wherever you choose!

  • Salesforce Administrator

Average annual salary: $66,100

Some typical responsibilities of this function include managing the administration of the Salesforce platform, developing Salesforce solutions, automating procedures, and instructing users. Hence, it’s possible that a Salesforce admin needs a degree, prior work experience, and a Salesforce certification.

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

Average annual salary: $60,600

Digital marketing is becoming significantly more important as marketing initiatives shift more and more online. You will plan and carry out email, mobile, and social media advertising campaigns as a specialist in this field. Additionally, you’ll concentrate on enhancing SEO and utilizing CRMs. You can complete this varied (and constantly fascinating!) job from a distance, and it will keep you up to date with the latest technological developments.

In Conclusion:

There are many fascinating remote tech jobs that you could take on t whether from the comfort of your home. You should absolutely look into the aforementioned positions if you have a degree in a STEM discipline, relevant experience, and a passion for tech-related work. There are considerable chances to find a remote job in the tech industry because of the excellent pay and significant demand for the jobs.

Vizajobs makes it simple and safe to find your next remote tech job. To guarantee that you are viewing just authentic and legitimate computer roles, we validate all businesses and jobs on our site. To locate a fantastic remote work, browse our section of IT and technology jobs.

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