Treasure Data VS Segment

Treasure data vs segment

Customer data platforms (CDPs) are used to combine and integrate customer data into a single database. Indeed, these technologies provide marketing teams with the necessary information they need to launch campaigns. To provide a comprehensive perspective of the consumer, a CDP can gather data from both online and offline sources, including websites, mobile apps, and email systems.

A CDP can significantly assist businesses in predicting the best course of action to take with a certain client after obtaining this data. This enables organisations to discover what must be done in order to keep particular clients. Customer care teams can also use a CDP to customise their help for each customer. Therefore, a CDP can often be integrated with marketing automation software, data warehouse software, and other platforms that store data.

More About CDPs

Indeed, there are several distinct kinds of CDPs to support various business use cases. Hence, the most popular system for combining customer data to produce a single consumer profile is a data CDP. A campaign CDP is also utilised by hubs for cross-channel and multichannel marketing campaigns. In addition, an analytics CDP is solely used for the analysis of the data types it stores.

In this case, Treasure data vs Segment are both analytics CDPs

Treasure Data vs Segment: User Satisfaction

Significantly, the top four elements that enhance user satisfaction with Customer Data Platform (CDP) products are “Predictive Modelling,” “Ease of Use,” “Expandability,” and “Multiple Devices.” Therefore, these variables are chosen by an algorithm that chooses the characteristics in this category that are most likely to predict customer pleasure.

  • Treasure Data

Predictive Modelling: 7.3

Ease of Use: 8.2

Expandability: 8.8

Multiple Devices: 8.3

Significantly, utilising all of their client data, Treasure Data enables businesses to increase campaign effectiveness, gain operational efficiency, and create linked customer experiences that deliver corporate value. In order to promote personalised engagement and enhance customer acquisition, sales, and retention, The Customer Data Cloud, a collection of customer data platform solutions from our company, integrates customer data, links identities in unified customer profiles, applies privacy, and makes insights and predictions available for Marketing, Service, Sales, and Operations.

Due to our seamless integration with your current tech stack and ability to provide the quickest time to value in even the most complicated circumstances, we are the perfect choice for corporations and rapidly expanding businesses. Hence, the enterprise-level security measures guarantee data integrity, governance, security, compliance with privacy laws, and scalability to assist businesses in managing consent and lowering risk across brands and geographies. Tools that are strong and easy to use bring together business users, analytics, and data to increase productivity and spur growth.

  • Segment

Predictive Modelling: 7.1

Ease of Use: 8.8

Expandability: 8.9

Multiple Devices: 8.9

The top customer data platform worldwide is called Twilio Segment (CDP). Also, the platform offers businesses the data foundation they require to make decisions with their consumers at the centre. In order to better understand their consumers and produce seamless, captivating experiences in real-time, businesses may use Segment to gather, unify, and route their customer data into any system where it is required. Hence, numerous businesses, like Intuit, FOX, Instacart, and Levi’s, use Segment to make choices in real time, speed up growth, and provide top-notch customer service.

Treasure Data vs Segment: Product Comparison


Treasure DataSegment
PricingCustom pricingStarting from $120 per month
Best For2-1000+ users

Enterprise-level best-of-breed platform with a solid data foundation to handle the most complicated customer data needs for marketing, martech, advertising, data, and IT personas.

1-200 users

Almost any firm that depends on cloud services to operate its operations can benefit from Twilio Segment. Hence, spanning from SaaS startups to brick and mortar retail to smartphone apps.

Top FeaturesBehavioural Analytics

Customer Profiles

Customer Segmentation

Data Integration


Predictive Modelling

Campaign Management

Customer Profiles

Customer Segmentation

Data Integration

GDPR Compliance


DeploymentCloud, SaaS, Web-BasedCloud, SaaS, Web-Based

Mobile – Android, iPhone, iPad

Support24/7 (Live Rep)Email/Help Desk

Knowledge Base

Phone Support


TrainingIn Person

Live Online



  • Connectors

Users can link to more than 200 data sources using the main product of Segment, Connections. Six other destinations are also included into the platform: Postgres, IBM Db2, Snowflake, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery. Developers may also create specialised integrations to accommodate those with disabilities.

Using the TD dashboard, users of Treasure Data can connect to more than 160 data sources. Additionally, Treasure Data developed a bulk data loader called Embulk that enables the loading of bulk data from various storage options, databases, files, and cloud services. The platform supports more than nine destinations, including, among others, Snowflake, Google Big Query, and Amazon Redshift.

  • Support, Documentation and Training

Segment largely uses a ticketing system to provide customer support. However, it offers thorough documentation that includes articles, tutorials, how-to videos, guidelines, and more.

Support from Treasure Data is mostly available via email and support tickets. The platform’s website also lists the phone numbers for customer service. Therefore, through the CDP Academy, Treasure Data offers training services. It also offers thorough documentation via its blog and resource library.

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