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Frontend developer roles are in high demand right now on a worldwide scale. As a result, we have more choices than ever on where to live and work.

This article gives a summary of the top 10 nations in terms of frontend developer compensation.

Frontend developers are experts in the language of their choice, whether it’s Javascript or HTML/CSS. The annual income of a developer also depends on other factors including their location, native language, and tech stack.

This more thorough examination of frontend developer Salaries by Country reveals stark variations, mostly as a result of supply and demand dynamics and the qualifications of such experts. The top nations with the most competitive average frontend developer salaries tend to remain constant over time. These are a group of European nations, the USA, Australia, and Canada.

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  • USA

The United States is typically one of the best places to work as a front-end developer. The annual average pay is between $87,000 and $160,000, and it is home to numerous prominent tech companies. The predicted average compensation for junior front end developers (1-3 years of experience) is $63,660. The median salary for developers is roughly $101,000, although more seasoned ones might earn up to $157,000 annually.

Developers’ salaries in the USA vary significantly by region, with typical salaries on the West Coast being greater. However, over the course of five years, the average compensation potential for a front-end developer is expected to climb by 16%.

How to relocate:

It takes a lot of time and effort to immigrate to the US for employment. Depending on the applicant’s particular abilities and industry, there are a variety of entry points, each with its own stringent standards. Here is where you may find more details. In most cases, having an employer file the papers on the applicant’s behalf will be the fastest course of action.

  • UK

England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland make up the United Kingdom, also known as the UK. The United Kingdom is rich in history and provides its citizens with a lively culture and top-notch public healthcare. The average salary for those working in the computer industry, particularly software developers, is excellent.

The UK labor market where front-end developers are in high demand and earn high salaries.

In the UK, the starting salary for a web developer is expected to be £27,000, with the median salary hovering around £44,000 and reaching a maximum of around £77,000 for seasoned programmers.

How to relocate:

Software engineers who want to move to the UK have a variety of Visa choices. They consist of an entrepreneur startup visa and a skilled worker visa. To process a visa application and later issue a work permit, biometric data may be needed. Find more details here.

Additionally, the UK has a fantastic new program called Tech Nation that showcases the various ways you may apply your talents there.

  • Canada

Globally speaking, Canada is regarded as having the highest overall quality of life. This multicultural nation provides top-notch public healthcare and a typically relatively safe environment. Not to mention that software professionals earn a good average wage. The tech scene is expanding quickly. Businesses like Wealthsimple and Shopify are developing into multibillion dollar worldwide brands.

With a median salary of $61,800, research indicates that Ottawa is the finest city in which to work as a front end developer. Toronto comes in second with a slightly lower total of $57,750. With salaries of $54,110 and $51,800, respectively, Kitchener-Waterloo and Vancouver are relatively close to the national average. It ranks bottom on the list with a $49,525 yearly income in Montreal.

The minimum and maximum salaries for junior front end developers are also $40,381. Mid-level employees make an average of $58,719 a year, while the most experienced employees can make up to $92,244.

How to relocate:

With the introduction of the Global Talent Stream visa by the government in 2017, relocating to Canada is generally simple for tech talent. However, you can more about relocating as a tech professional here.

  • Germany

A stunning country with a variety of scenery, contemporary cities, and charming rural communities. Germany is a country with a very long history that dates back more than two thousand years. The nation has one of the best IT industries on the planet, excellent healthcare, and a highly safe environment. In Germany, salaries for software developers are high and they are in high demand.

Frankfurt’s typical front end developer earns 68,179 euros per year in gross compensation, or 33 euros per hour. In Berlin, Germany, the average gross income for a front end developer is 69.145 €. This is 0% (-92 €) and 1% (+874 €) less than the typical front end developer wage in Germany, respectively.

How to relocate:

For software engineers looking to transfer to Germany, the Germany Working (Employment) Visa is their best option. The Visa enables qualified individuals to enter the country and work there for up to two years before it is extended. You may find more information here.

  • The Netherlands

One of Germany’s less significant western neighbors is the Netherlands. It is renowned for its canal-filled streets and cobblestones. This nation is a great option for software professionals looking to migrate due to its first-class healthcare system and forward-thinking digital culture.

In the Netherlands, a front end developer might earn between $4,500 and $7,500 per month. The annual income for residents in Amsterdam might reach €63,176, although it can vary greatly in other parts of the nation.

This sum represents the typical monthly wage, which also covers housing, transportation, and other benefits. Front end developers’ salaries varies widely depending on experience, aptitude, gender, and location.

How to relocate:

One does not require a work permit to move to The Netherlands from another member state of the European Union. Non-EU citizens must submit a work permit application. For skilled employees, a few different work licenses are accessible, such as the GVVA single permit and the Highly Skilled Migrant Worker permission. Obtaining a work permit requires submitting a standard application and supplying certain background information. You may find more information here.

  • Australia

The cost of living in Australia’s three largest cities, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, is mostly relevant to front end developer salaries in that country. The pricing appeared reasonable considering SalaryExpert anticipated a 19% income gain over a five-year period. A frontend developer with under two years of experience may expect to make about 44,200 AUD annually.

How to relocate:

Software developers are in high demand, so applicants will need to demonstrate both their English language skills and that moving to and working in Australia will benefit them. There are various requirements depending on whether a candidate is requesting a temporary work visa or a permanent work permit. More information may be found here.

  • Switzerland

Switzerland is a hotbed of extraordinarily high incomes. Theoretically, a Front End Developer in Zurich might anticipate to make $45.244 on average every year in bonus money in addition to an hourly wage of $45.00.

An entry-level front end developer (1-3 years of experience) may expect to make an annual salary of CHF 61,223. On the other hand, a senior front end developer (8+ years of experience) earns an average of CHF 108,812. This might result in a 77% pay boost in less than ten years.

  • France

Another developer hotspot is France. According to Glassdoor, the typical frontend developer pay is €50,000. You can earn up to €72,000 in addition to the €36,000 base pay.

The average salary for a JavaScript developer in Paris is $45,303. $38,000 is at the low end and $67,000 is at the high end.

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  • Spain

In Spain, the average gross pay for frontend developers is 46.766 euros, or 22 euros per hour. They also receive an average bonus of 2.090 Euros. An entry-level front end developer makes an average income of 32.626 euros (with 1-3 years of experience). The average compensation for a senior level front end developer (8+ years of experience) is 57.986 Euros.

  • Finland

Front-end developers made an average of $43,000 per year. Despite the fact that this applies to the entire programming industry, it is intriguing to see a rise to € 61,020, or € 29 per hour, in 2022.

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