California is one of the most desirable places to live in the United States, with a booming economy and a wide variety of diversity in terms of population, human rights, and scenery. There are some caveats to living in California, such as the high cost of living. The best way to combat this is to earn a decent living in the state, as pay tends to be higher here as well. This can be done by choosing careers that earn a significant income despite the cost of living.

California’s Economy

California is considered the world’s fifth-largest economy. This can be attributed to California’s diverse industries, great tourism, and availability of schooling. California is also home to Los Angeles and Hollywood, known for its iconic mark on the world’s entertainment industry. While other locations such as New York City or Atlanta provide a decent show business industry, nothing comes close to that of California’s. Tourism destinations such as California’s Disneyland also is a large contributing factor to the economy’s success. California also hosts Silicon Valley, known for its impact on innovation and technology around the world.

Best Careers in California

If you want to choose the best career in California with job security, diversity, demand, and benefits, you’ll want to consider the top industries that contribute to California’s economy. You will also want to research the requirements for that particular career, such as any degrees or licenses required to perform the work.


California is one of the top contributors to the technology industry, even housing the aforementioned infamous Silicon Valley. Any career in information technology (IT), AI or Large Language Models (LLMs), digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), app development, or others will see a great amount of success with proper training, experience, and networking. There’s a reason why Silicon Valley is so popular, after all. Even some of the largest tech companies like Google are headquartered in California.


California is home to a lot of businesses and, as a result, residents. The construction industry is booming nationwide, especially in California. There are many different careers and roles within the construction industry as well, such as HVAC technicians, plumbers, and electricians. While most roles in the construction industry require a license in California, they aren’t typically difficult or costly to obtain. Construction workers, HVAC technicians, electricians, and plumbers require a contractor license in California, for which you can take prep courses to make sure you can get it right the first time. However, they’re all smart career choices with evergreen demand.

Real Estate

California has some of the richest, most luxurious real estate in the world. Outside of that world, however, the real estate industry all over California is hot and unlikely to cool down. Despite the high costs of housing and living, many people dream of moving to California for career opportunities. A career as a real estate agent, real estate investor, mortgage lender, or even a construction worker will see a lot of job diversity and security in the state of California.

Film and Television

Most people have heard of the world-famous Hollywood. Home to countless movie studios and production companies, California is responsible for creating most of history’s treasured films and television series. Even if you’re not aspiring to become the next hit actor anytime soon, the film industry can see many careers from directing, writing, producing, or even technical roles such as lighting or sound technicians. There are a lot of individual pieces to completing a movie puzzle.


Similar to any highly populated area, California is a great place to start a medical career. Medical workers won’t see any shortage of patients in most areas, and many practices are looking for more team members to keep up with patients. Specialist physicians are highly sought after, as they provide more niche services than general physicians. Even if you want to obtain less schooling than a traditional physician, many nursing and technician roles need filling as well.

Other Popular Careers

California’s economy is in no way limited to just five industries. Many residents see booming success within these industries as well: tourism, agriculture, education, manufacturing, and travel. If you already have training in a particular industry, there’s a decent chance there is a demand for it in California. Doing proper research for the industry you’re in is a good idea before making any permanent decision to move to California.


California has a booming economy with many industries thriving. Real estate and construction will always be in demand in this huge, popular state. California is also home to the famous Silicon Valley for tech careers and Hollywood’s iconic film industry with many career choices within. Ensure you’re prepared to take any formal training, schooling, or licensing procedures with the career of your choice. Even outside of the top five ways to earn a living in the Golden State, career opportunities are nearly endless to prepare for the high cost of living there.

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