Tech Companies in Austin

Austin, Texas, is rapidly establishing itself as a tech hub, attracting top talent and fostering innovation across various industries. With its vibrant culture, favorable business environment, and a growing ecosystem of startups and established companies, Austin offers exciting opportunities for tech enthusiasts seeking new career prospects. Here are 46 of the best tech companies in Austin currently seeking talented individuals to join their teams:

1. Dell Technologies


About: Dell Technologies is a global leader in digital transformation, providing end-to-end solutions in IT infrastructure, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more. With a commitment to innovation, Dell offers diverse opportunities in software engineering, data analytics, product management, and IT consulting.

Website: Dell Technologies

2. IBM

About: IBM, renowned for its advancements in AI, cloud computing, and data analytics, offers an array of roles in technology, consulting, and research. With a focus on cutting-edge solutions, IBM fosters an environment for engineers, developers, and researchers to thrive.

Website: IBM

3 . Apple Inc.

About: Apple Inc. is synonymous with innovation, offering diverse career opportunities in software engineering, design, hardware development, and more. As a leader in consumer electronics and software, Apple’s Austin branch contributes significantly to the company’s global endeavors.

Website: Apple Inc.

4. Amazon

About: Amazon continues to expand its presence in Austin, offering a wide range of opportunities in cloud computing, e-commerce, logistics, and artificial intelligence. With a focus on customer-centric innovation, Amazon fosters a dynamic environment for tech enthusiasts.

Website: Amazon

5. Google

About: Google’s Austin office is a hub for software development, hardware innovation, and research initiatives. The company provides opportunities for engineers, data scientists, designers, and marketers to contribute to cutting-edge projects and products.

Website: Google


About: Facebook’s presence in Austin spans across engineering, data analytics, product development, and more. The company offers a collaborative environment for tech professionals to work on impactful projects in social media, virtual reality, and beyond.

Website: Facebook

7. Indeed

About: Indeed, one of the largest job search platforms globally, has a significant presence in Austin. The company hires talent in software development, data analysis, UX design, and marketing, fostering a culture of innovation in job search technology.

Website: Indeed

8. Oracle

About: Oracle, a leader in cloud solutions and enterprise software, offers diverse roles in cloud computing, database management, software engineering, and consulting. Its Austin division contributes significantly to Oracle’s global technological advancements.

Website: Oracle

9. Atlassian

About: Atlassian, known for its collaboration software like Jira and Confluence, provides opportunities in software development, product management, and UX design. The company’s Austin office is a hub for innovation in team collaboration tools.

Website: Atlassian

10. National Instruments

About: National Instruments specializes in measurement and automation solutions. The company’s Austin branch hires engineers, researchers, and developers to work on cutting-edge technologies across various industries.

Website: National Instruments

11. Charles Schwab

About: Charles Schwab, a financial services company, operates its technology center in Austin. They offer roles in software engineering, data analytics, and finance, combining technological innovation with financial expertise.

Website: Charles Schwab

12. Cirrus Logic

About: Cirrus Logic specializes in advanced audio and voice signal processing technologies. The company’s Austin team focuses on engineering and development, contributing to innovative audio solutions.

Website: Cirrus Logic

13. Whole Foods Market (Amazon)

About: Whole Foods Market, now under Amazon’s umbrella, operates its technology and e-commerce division in Austin. It offers tech roles in software development, data analytics, and digital innovations in the grocery industry.

Website: Whole Foods Market

14. VMware

About: VMware, a leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, has a significant presence in Austin. The company hires software engineers, developers, and cloud specialists to drive innovation in IT infrastructure.

Website: VMware

15. RetailMeNot

About: RetailMeNot specializes in digital savings and deals. Its Austin office offers opportunities in software development, marketing, and data analytics, focusing on digital commerce innovations.

Website: RetailMeNot

16. SolarWinds

About: SolarWinds is renowned for its IT management software. The Austin-based company hires engineers, cybersecurity experts, and software developers to create cutting-edge solutions in network management.

Website: SolarWinds

17. Spiceworks Ziff Davis

About: Spiceworks Ziff Davis provides IT management tools and resources. Its Austin team specializes in software engineering, marketing, and technological solutions for IT professionals.

Website: Spiceworks Ziff Davis

18. Cognizant

About: Cognizant offers IT consulting and digital services across industries. Its Austin presence provides opportunities in technology consulting, software development, data analytics, and digital transformation.

Website: Cognizant

19. Q2 Holdings

About: Q2 Holdings specializes in digital banking solutions. The company’s Austin office focuses on software development, product management, and innovation in fintech.

Website: Q2 Holdings

20. Home Depot Technology Center

About: Home Depot’s technology division in Austin concentrates on home improvement technology. It offers roles in software engineering, data analytics, and e-commerce innovations.

Website: Home Depot Technology Center

21. Silicon Labs

About: Silicon Labs specializes in semiconductor and IoT solutions. Its Austin team focuses on engineering and development of cutting-edge hardware technologies.

Website: Silicon Labs

22. WP Engine

About: WP Engine provides managed WordPress hosting services. The company’s Austin branch hires engineers, developers, and customer support professionals to deliver top-notch hosting solutions.

Website: WP Engine

23. BigCommerce

About: BigCommerce offers e-commerce solutions. Its Austin office provides opportunities in software development, marketing, and innovation in online retail platforms.

Website: BigCommerce

24. Volusion

About: Volusion is another e-commerce platform in Austin, offering technology and marketing roles focused on providing customizable online retail solutions.

Website: Volusion

25. Rackspace Technology

About: Rackspace offers managed cloud services. In Austin, the company hires experts in cloud computing, IT services, and infrastructure management.

Website: Rackspace Technology

26. Forcepoint

About: Forcepoint specializes in cybersecurity solutions. The Austin team focuses on engineering and cybersecurity roles, creating innovative security technologies.

Website: Forcepoint

27. Infoblox

About: Infoblox provides secure cloud-managed network services. The Austin office offers roles in engineering and development for network and security solutions.

Website: Infoblox

28. Kasasa

About: Kasasa offers innovative banking solutions. Its Austin division provides opportunities in technology, finance, and product development for the banking industry.

Website: Kasasa

29. Accenture

About: Accenture offers a range of consulting and technology services. The Austin branch focuses on digital transformation, strategy, and technology solutions across industries.

Website: Accenture

30. Luminex Corporation

About: Luminex specializes in biological testing technologies. Its Austin office hires engineers and researchers focusing on advancements in biotech.

Website: Luminex Corporation

31. Trend Micro

About: Trend Micro is a cybersecurity company seeking talent in engineering and cybersecurity, focusing on innovative solutions for threat defense.

Website: Trend Micro

32. Texas Instruments

About: Texas Instruments is known for its semiconductor and integrated circuit technologies. The company’s Austin division focuses on engineering, research, and development of cutting-edge semiconductor solutions.

Website: Texas Instruments

33. ClearDATA

About: ClearDATA specializes in healthcare cloud computing. In Austin, the company hires engineers and developers dedicated to secure and compliant cloud solutions for the healthcare industry.

Website: ClearDATA

34. Everlywell

About: Everlywell provides at-home health testing. Its Austin office focuses on technology and healthcare, offering opportunities in developing innovative at-home testing solutions.

Website: Everlywell

35. Accruent

About: Accruent offers software solutions for real estate and facilities management. The Austin team concentrates on software development and technological innovations for property management.

Website: Accruent

36. ARRIS (CommScope)

About: ARRIS, now part of CommScope, specializes in telecommunications technology. Its Austin division contributes to networking and communication technology advancements.

Website: CommScope

37. uShip

About: uShip is a logistics technology company. The Austin office offers roles in software development, product management, and innovation in the transportation and shipping industry.

Website: uShip

38. Rapid7

About: Rapid7 provides cybersecurity solutions. The Austin team focuses on engineering and cybersecurity, creating innovative security platforms.

Website: Rapid7

39. SolarWinds MSP

About: SolarWinds MSP focuses on managed services and IT solutions. The company’s Austin branch specializes in providing managed services for IT professionals and businesses.

Website: SolarWinds MSP

40. SailPoint

About: SailPoint specializes in identity governance. Its Austin team focuses on software development and cybersecurity, providing cutting-edge identity management solutions.

Website: SailPoint

41. ScaleFactor

About: ScaleFactor offers financial and accounting software solutions. The company’s Austin division concentrates on providing innovative software for streamlining financial processes.

Website: ScaleFactor

42. Vyopta

About: Vyopta provides collaboration intelligence solutions. In Austin, the company hires talent in technology and data analytics, focusing on optimizing collaboration experiences.

Website: Vyopta


About: ARRIVE is an e-commerce company. Its Austin office offers roles in software development and product management, concentrating on enhancing the online shopping experience.

Website: ARRIVE

44. Spreetail

About: Spreetail is a retail technology company. Its Austin division focuses on software development, e-commerce solutions, and technological innovations in retail.

Website: Spreetail

45. Pushnami

About: Pushnami specializes in marketing automation technology. The company’s Austin office concentrates on developing innovative solutions for digital marketing.

Website: Pushnami

46. Sana Benefits

About: Sana Benefits provides employee benefits solutions. Its Austin team focuses on technology and healthcare, offering innovative solutions in employee healthcare benefits.

Website: Sana Benefits

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