Top 20 Home Chef Companies

Home Chef Companies offer meal kits and ingredients delivered to your doorstep, allowing you to prepare meals at home easily. Some popular home chef companies include:

1 HelloFresh

HelloFresh is a publicly traded Home Chef company based in Berlin, Germany. It is the largest meal-kit provider in the United States, and also has operations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe. It has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since its IPO in November 2017. Known for its variety of recipes and fresh ingredients, HelloFresh provides easy-to-follow recipes with pre-measured ingredients.

2 Home Chef

Home Chef is a Chicago, Illinois-based meal kit and food delivery company that delivers pre-portioned ingredients and recipes to subscribers weekly in the United States. According to the company it delivers three million meals monthly to its subscribers. This service offers a wide selection of meal options, including 15-minute meals and oven-ready options, making it convenient for various cooking preferences and schedules.

3 Blue Apron

Blue Apron logo

Blue Apron Holdings, Inc. is an American ingredient-and-recipe meal kit company headquartered in New York City, operating its services exclusively in the United States. Blue Apron offers chef-designed recipes with high-quality ingredients sourced from farmers and artisans, catering to different dietary preferences.

4 Sunbasket

Sunbasket is a subscription meal delivery service that ships members fresh, sometimes organic, and sustainable ingredients and recipes every week, allowing them to cook their own meals. Sunbasket focuses on organic and sustainably sourced ingredients, providing a range of meal plans, including options for specific dietary needs like paleo, vegetarian, or gluten-free.

5 Every Plate

Known for its affordability, EveryPlate provides simple yet tasty recipes with fresh ingredients at a lower price point compared to some other services

6 Green Chef

Experience eco-friendly cooking: Farm-fresh ingredients to doorstep delivery. Discover how Green Chef works for convenient, sustainable meals. Known for its focus on organic and sustainably sourced ingredients, Green Chef offers meal plans catering to various dietary preferences like keto, paleo, vegan, and more.

7 Purple Carrot 

purple carrot logo

Specializing in plant-based meal kits, Purple Carrot provides inventive and flavorful vegan recipes that appeal to both vegans and non-vegans alike. Purple Carrot is a Needham, Massachusetts-based, and 100% plant-based meal kit company. Founded by Andy Levitt, it offers both prepared meals as well as meal kits to subscribers weekly.

8 Gobble:

Gobble emphasizes quick and easy meals, with pre-prepped ingredients and recipes designed to be cooked in 15 minutes, making it a great choice for busy individuals. Gobble’s chefs do the prep work, like peeling, chopping & marinating, so you can cook a fresh homemade dinner in just 15 minutes. Rated #1 Meal Kit by Parent’s Magazine

9 Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon delivers chef-developed recipes and fresh ingredients for delicious home cooked meals—straight to your door Partnered with Martha Stewart, Marley Spoon offers a range of Martha Stewart’s recipes with high-quality ingredients delivered to your door.

10 Dinnerly

Known for its simplicity and affordability, Dinnerly provides straightforward recipes with fewer ingredients, making cooking at home more accessible and budget-friendly. Dinnerly is the affordable meal delivery service on the market. Open the door to unfussy, affordable weeknight cooking

11 Fresh n’ Lean:

Fresh N Lean is the most popular healthy prepared meal delivery service offering Vegan, Keto, Paleo, and Mediterranean diet meal plans . This service focuses on ready-to-eat meals that are fresh, organic, and designed to fit various dietary needs like keto, paleo, vegan, and more.

12 Veestro:

veestro logoVeestro specializes in plant-based, chef-prepared meals that are ready to heat and eat, offering a variety of options suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Enjoy healthy, delicious vegan meals without all the prep – just heat and eat. Choose from 50+ flavorful chef-prepared dishes,.

14 Trifecta Nutrition:

Trifecta offers organic meal delivery services that focus on health and fitness, with customizable plans including keto, paleo, vegan, and clean eating options. Trifecta gives you the food, the advice, and the community support you need to achieve your goals. We do the meal planning, shopping, and cooking, so you can focus on everything else.

15  Snap Kitchen:

Snap Kitchen offers chef-prepared, ready-to-heat meals with a focus on quality ingredients and catering to specific dietary preferences like paleo, keto, and vegetarian. p Kitchen is the only ready-to-eat marketplace that offers 100+ fresh meals, drinks, snacks and more

16 Chef’d:

Chef’d offers a wide range of meal options, including collaborations with renowned chefs and various dietary preferences. They provide flexibility in meal choices and have a good variety. Welcome to, where we turn your kitchen into a playground of flavors and nutrition! From cooking tips to food substitutes.

17 Yumble:

Specifically catering to kids’ meals, Yumble delivers pre-prepared, healthy, and child-friendly meals designed to make mealtime easier for busy families. Try Yumble for just $20 ($15 savings) and make lunches a breeze! Enjoy exclusive offers and updates delivered to your inbox.

18 Nurture Life:

Another service dedicated to children’s meals, Nurture Life delivers ready-to-eat meals catering to different age groups, emphasizing nutrition and convenience. Nurture Life is a flexible, weekly meal subscription service that makes and delivers delicious, nutritious, premade meals, snacks and smoothies for babies,

19 Daily Harvest

While not exclusively a meal kit service, Daily Harvest specializes in delivering frozen, pre-portioned ingredients for smoothies, soups, bowls, and more, emphasizing convenience and nutrition. Daily Harvest creates delicious and nourishing smoothies, soups, oats, lattes and more. Our food is built on organic, thoughtfully sourced fruits.

20 Splendid Spoon

Focused on plant-based, ready-to-eat meals like smoothies, soups, and grain bowls, Splendid Spoon offers convenient options for individuals seeking healthy, quick meals. Busy can be healthy. Splendid Spoon delivers ready-to-eat and nutrient-dense plant-based smoothies, soups, grain bowls, and noodles nationwide. Only the freshest vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free ingredients.


These Home Chef Companies often have unique features, such as specific dietary focuses, family-friendly options, or convenient meal formats. Checking out their websites can provide more information about their offerings, menus, and ordering processes.

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