Top 10 Affordable SD WAN Managed Services

What is managed WAN services?

Managed WAN (Wide Area Network) services refer to outsourcing the design, implementation, and ongoing management of a company’s wide area network to a third-party service provider. A wide area network is a network that spans a large geographical area, connecting multiple locations or branch offices.

Managed WAN services aim to provide businesses with a reliable and secure network infrastructure without the need for the organization to invest heavily in the expertise and resources required to build and maintain such networks. These services typically include the following components:

  1. Network Design: The service provider designs a WAN architecture tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the business. This may involve selecting the right technologies, such as MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network), or a combination of different technologies.
  2. Implementation: The service provider is responsible for deploying the network infrastructure, configuring devices, and ensuring that the network is operational and meets the performance criteria.
  3. Monitoring and Management: Continuous monitoring of the network is crucial for identifying and resolving issues promptly. Managed WAN services include proactive monitoring of network performance, security, and availability. This can also involve troubleshooting and resolution of network-related problems.
  4. Security: Security is a critical aspect of any network. Managed WAN services often include the implementation and management of security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, and encryption to safeguard data transmitted over the network.
  5. Optimization: Providers may optimize the network to ensure efficient use of bandwidth and resources. This may involve load balancing, traffic shaping, and other techniques to enhance performance.
  6. Scalability: As a business grows or its needs change, the managed WAN service should be scalable to accommodate these changes. This includes adding new locations, increasing bandwidth, or adopting new technologies.

Outsourcing the management of a wide area network can allow businesses to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the expertise of a specialized service provider. It can also provide cost savings compared to the expenses associated with in-house network management and infrastructure investment.

What is Managed SD WAN?

Managed SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is a specific type of managed WAN service that focuses on leveraging software-defined networking (SDN) principles to enhance the agility, flexibility, and performance of wide area networks. SD-WAN enables the dynamic and intelligent management of network traffic by using software-based controls and policies, rather than relying solely on hardware configurations.

Here are key aspects of Managed SD-WAN:

  1. Software-Defined Networking (SDN): SD-WAN utilizes SDN technology to abstract the network infrastructure and control traffic routing and management through software. This allows for centralized control, automation, and programmability.
  2. Dynamic Path Selection: SD-WAN solutions can intelligently choose the most efficient and cost-effective path for network traffic based on real-time conditions. This dynamic path selection improves application performance and optimizes bandwidth utilization.
  3. Application-Aware Routing: SD-WAN solutions can identify and prioritize different types of network traffic based on the applications being used. This ensures that critical applications receive the necessary bandwidth and resources, enhancing overall network performance.
  4. Improved Network Visibility: Managed SD-WAN provides enhanced visibility into network performance, allowing administrators to monitor and analyze the behavior of applications and users on the network. This visibility is crucial for troubleshooting, optimizing, and securing the network.
  5. Security Integration: Many Managed SD-WAN solutions include integrated security features, such as firewalls, encryption, and threat detection. This helps to secure the network and protect data as it traverses the WAN.
  6. Simplified Management: SD-WAN simplifies network management by centralizing control through a software-based management interface. This allows for easier configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of the network, especially when compared to traditional WAN architectures.
  7. Scalability: Managed SD-WAN solutions are designed to scale easily, accommodating the changing needs of businesses. This scalability is particularly beneficial for organizations with distributed offices, as new locations can be added seamlessly.

By opting for a managed SD-WAN service, businesses can offload the complexities of designing, implementing, and managing their wide area networks to a service provider. This allows organizations to focus on their core operations while benefiting from the improved performance, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness that SD-WAN technology brings to their network infrastructure.

Who provides SD-WAN services?

  1. Aryaka: A cloud-first WAN provider offering a global SD-WAN solution with built-in security and optimization. They excel in Asia and are known for their superior customer service.
    Image of Aryaka SDWAN
  2. Cisco: A leading networking vendor with two SD-WAN solutions: Cisco Meraki, user-friendly and manageable, and Cisco SD-WAN powered by Viptela, more powerful and scalable.
  3. Fortinet: A security vendor with an SD-WAN solution featuring integrated next-generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities, making it suitable for organizations needing both WAN optimization and security.
    Image of Fortinet SDWAN
  4. VMware: A virtualization and cloud computing software vendor offering VMware SD-WAN, designed to work seamlessly with their other products like vSphere and NSX.
    Image of VMware SDWAN
  5. Versa Networks: A pure-play SD-WAN vendor with a cloud-delivered SD-WAN solution. Highly scalable and flexible, it’s ideal for organizations with complex network requirements.
    Image of Versa Networks SDWAN
  6. Masergy: A managed SD-WAN provider offering various solutions, including fully managed, co-managed, and self-managed options, catering to organizations with diverse support needs.
    Image of Masergy SDWAN
  7. Palo Alto Networks: A security vendor with Prisma SD-WAN, integrated with their NGFW, making it suitable for organizations needing both WAN optimization and security.
    Image of Palo Alto Networks Prisma SDWAN
  8. Silver Peak: Offers Unity EdgeConnect, a proprietary SD-WAN system that has moved away from router-centric and basic SD-WAN approaches.
    Image of Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect
  9. Bigleaf Networks: Specializes in managed SD-WAN services for mid-sized and enterprise businesses. They boast a high degree of automation and a customer-centric approach.
    Image of Bigleaf Networks SDWAN
  10. Juniper Networks: Offers high-performance SD-WAN solutions built on their Contrail SD-WAN technology, suitable for large enterprises and service providers.
    Image of Juniper Networks SDWAN
  11. CloudGenix: Provides SD-WAN solutions designed for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, making them ideal for organizations heavily reliant on cloud services.
    Image of CloudGenix SDWAN
  12. Barracuda Networks: Offers Barracuda Secure SD-WAN, combining the best of standalone SD-WAN products with next-generation firewall functionalities in a single solution.
    Image of Barracuda Networks Secure SDWAN
  13. Cradlepoint: Specializes in wireless WAN solutions, including SD-WAN, ideal for organizations with mobile and remote workers or geographically dispersed locations.
    Image of Cradlepoint SDWAN
  14. Forcepoint: Offers Forcepoint NGFW SD-WAN, a secure SD-WAN solution with integrated advanced threat protection, suitable for organizations with stringent security requirements.
    Image of Forcepoint NGFW SDWAN
  15. Viptela by Cisco: Previously a standalone company acquired by Cisco, Viptela offers a high-performance and scalable SD-WAN solution for large enterprises and service providers.
    Image of Viptela by Cisco SDWAN

Remember, the best SD-WAN provider for you depends on your specific needs and requirements. Carefully evaluate your needs, budget, and desired features before making a decision.

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