Florianópolis, Região Geográfica Imediata de Florianópolis, Região Geográfica Intermediária de Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Região Sul, Brasil
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Thiago Rodrigues Ribeiro do Nascimento


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    Tech lead with 5+ years of experience in web development, DevOps and helping other colleagues to grow.

    July 2020
    Daitan Group Tech Lead

    • Main stack is NodeJS, Typescript, Jest, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Serverless framework
    • Product is related to access control in buildings, using information from laboratories to check if user match health requirements defined, like exams, vaccines and/or temperature under a specific value.
    • One year developing three serverless API’s, one API to configure rules and requirements to companies that are using the application, another API for public access related to laboratories publishing results directly in application and the last API to be called by a mobile application.
    • Currently I’m leading a team of 8 colleagues to implement new features in APIs mentioned.

    December 2018
    Tech6 Fullstack developer

    • Main stack is Re3act, Jest, Enzyme, Dotnet Core (C#), Python, Nodejs, Antd and PostgreSQL.
    • Product is a real estate management, enabling users to track all related contacts and documents needed to rent or buy a house. Documents management relates to manipulation of PDF files using python and PyPDF2 plugin to slice and generate new PDF.
    • Initially application was based on Graphql and Nodejs to handle all server requests, but this configuration was leading to long waiting and team decided to migrate to Dotnet Core (C#)
    • Worked on automation tests using Selenium and Python. I created a suit for success cases and some exceptions on business flow.
    After July/2020 I started to work as a part-time, but keep all the previous responsibilities.

    May 2018/December 2018
    Stormtech Fullstack developer

    • Main stack is Smarty (PHP), JavaScript, Python, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
    • Lending application focused on payroll-linked loans for retired people. The core of application is constructed in legacy Smarty PHP framework and was difficult to maintain because of outdated documentation. New functionalities were built using JavaScript and python APIs (Flask), but most of rendering was SSR (server-side-rendering)

    December 2017/May 2018
    Valuenet Mobile Developer

    • Main stack was Ionic v3 and Firebase.
    • Project to Valuenet to upgrade a mobile application from ionic v1 to ionic v3. Worked together a small team of 3 developers for client, where one of them I trained in Ionic v3 as part of contract.
    • Backend was developed by other 2 developers using Salesforce.

    January 2017/December 2018
    Wys Fullstack developer

    First project
    • Main stack was Python (Django) and PostgreSQL
    • Project was a marketplace to car tires, where user could schedule a car review and replace old tires and another car parts. The backend was developed using Django and PostgreSQL, using the render methods of Django.
    • Payment method was using Itaú Bank payment methods, for credit card and boleto (type of payment where seller creates a ticket, and the buyer pays the ticket in bank). Also integrated to shipping method using a third-party API to check size and weight of packages to generate shipping fees.
    Second project
    • Main stack was Lavarel5.8, Python (Flask), Ionic, Mysql
    • Project was a marketplace to pizza lovers, focusing in Sorocaba City and pizzerias in that area. I created the backend using Laravel and MySql and rendering pages using Blade, default page rendering for Laravel. Client wanted this stack because their team had more knowledge on that stack.
    • Also created the app using Ionic, where a user could order pizzas, selecting toppings registered on backend. Payment flow was created using Iugu payment gateway, fully integrated to backend.

    June 2016/December 2016
    Valuenet Mobile Developer

    • Main stack was Ionic 1 and Firebase.
    • Created an app for loyalty program to a client (Globo.com) where client could check amount of loyalty points they had and exchange by tickets and trinkets. This app is integrated to salesforce backend using XML. Because of conversion between XML and Json format, created a small service to convert using pattern for salesforce.

    January 2016/June 2016
    Abusiva Fullstack

    • Main stack was Ionic 1, Firebase, Laravel (PHP) and MySQL.
    • Created an app for loyalty program for resellers. Backend was created using Laravel and MySql and a Front-end using Angularjs, where Abusiva owner manage loyalty points, raking resellers by number of sales. For resellers I created an app where they could check how much points they had and for news published by Abusiva owner.

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