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    Sujoy Chakraborty

    Email:                                                                    Mobile: +91-8792373125

    Career Objective

    To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn job which provides me job satisfaction and help me achieve personal as well as organizational goals.


    Professional Experience

    Ø  Having around 7+ years of Overall experience in IT industry, which includes 3+ years of Experience as a  Cloud Engineer in the field of  AWS/AZURE cloud services, Azure Devops

    Ø  Proficient in AWS services like VPC, EC2,S3,ELB,Autoscaling using ELD, RDS, DynamoDB, Route53, CloudWatch, CloudFront

    Ø  Experience in creating multiple VPC’s and public and private subnet as per requirement and distribute them as group into various availability zone of the VPC

    Ø  Created NAT gateway and instances to allow communication from the private instance to the internet through bastion host

    Ø  Used security group, network ACL’s, internet gateways and route tables to ensure a secure zone for organization in AWS public cloud

    Ø  Created and configured elastic load balancer and autoscaling group to distribute the traffic and to have a cost efficient, fault tolerant and highly available environment

    Ø  Configured S3 bucket with various life cycle policies to achieve the infrequently accessed data to storage classes based on requirement

    Ø  Knowledge in Terraform for provisioning resources in AWS cloud.

    Ø  Used IAM for creating roles, users, groups and implemented MFA to provide additional security to AWS account and its resources

    Ø  Implemented domain name services (DNS) through route 53 to have highly available and scalable application

    Ø  Created EBS volume for storing application file for use with EC2 instances whenever they are mounted to them

    Ø  Created snapshot to take backup of the volume and images to store launch configuration of the EC2 instance

    Ø  Responsible for version control Management, Branching, Merging, and user group permissions.


    Ø  Automate the build process using continuous integration tools JENKINS.


    Ø  Docker – creating new containers, mounting and starting services.

    Ø  Deploying the JAR and WAR into Tomcat Application Server.

    Ø  Work with various development teams to build and support automated builds, supporting daily continuous integration.


    Ø  Configured Jenkins jobs to introduce Continuous Integration and automate the Build & Deployment process.


    Ø  Creating multiple Docker containers and ship code as an image and re-create containers to set up local development environment with the image same as that of the production environment and Hands-on in Docker-file, Docker demon and other perspectives.

    Ø  Verify Deployments logs to check for successful deployments. Monitoring application servers and fixing issues if any.

    Ø  Creating new Build jobs, Plugins installation and management, Test case integration, setting up master/slaves using Jenkins.

    Ø  Involved in Azure Migration from legacy app to Azure environment by IaaS approach

    Ø  Working with Shell Scripting for automation activity.

    Ø  Working and hands on knowledge on Kubernetes for production environment.



    Technical Skills:


    Operating Systems                   :           Windows, UNIX and Red Hat Linux

    SCM Tools                               :           Git

    CI Tools                                   :           Jenkins,Azure Devops

    Web & Application Servers        :           Apache Tomcat ,IIS

    Scripting                                   :           Shell Scripting

    Build Tools                               :           Maven

    Monitoring Tools                       :           Nagios

    CM Tools                                 :           Ansible, Terraform

    VM container tool                      :           Docker,

    Cloud Platform                          :           AWS,Azure Devops,Azure

    Programming Lang                     :            C#, Python(Used only in AWS lambda)


    IBM India Pvt Ltd ( March 2020 till date)

    Client: Mercedez Benz



    ·        Deploying Application and Virtual Machines through Azure VSTS and creating CI-CD pipeline for the same.

    ·        Creating CI/CD pipeline in azure devops and stating the parameter variables and configuration tasks.

    ·        Creating Azure DevOps dashboards in Azure DevOps portal and managing end to end status for different application and infrastructure.

    ·        Designing and implementing cloud solutions which are secure, scalable, resilient, monitored, auditable and cost optimized.

    ·        Write Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Industry standard tools and services.

    ·        Writing application deployment automation using industry standard deployment and configuration tools.

    ·        Designing and implement continuous delivery pipelines that serve the purpose of provisioning and operating client test as well as production environments.

    ·        Providing systems support including responding to monitoring alerts.

    ·        Work with developers to identify necessary Azure resources and automate their provisioning.

    ·        Work with development team and key stake holders to create plan for monitoring Azure resources.

    ·        Work closely with key stakeholders to capture, analyze, and derive DevOps requirements.

    ·        Integrated Jfrog Artifactory with Azure DevOps.

    ·        Analyzed code and communicated detailed reviews to development teams to ensure a marked improvement and timely completion of projects.

    ·        Creation of CI/CD pipelines through YAML Scripts (Pipeline as Code).

    ·        Introduction of Azure Kubernetes Service as Containers using Service Connection.

    ·        Usage of Azure Service Fabric (Middleware) and deployment of worker servers.


    NTT DATA INC ( Oct 2017- Mar 2020)

    Client: JLL UK (Jones Lang LaSalle)

    Project: JLL property and asset management (PAM) Application.



    ·        Migration of application from on premises to AWS cloud

    ·        Creating CI/CD pipelines by integrating Git,GitHib,Jenkins,Docker and Ansbile.

    ·        Used GIT to push developed codes and Jenkins to Integrate the code.

    ·        Configured Jenkins with maven build tool to generate the war/ear files and archived them.

    ·        Integrating Git with Jenkins and Nexus in continuous integration and configured Jenkins with Poll SCM build trigger.

    ·        Ansible is the primary automation tool in configuring and deploying artifacts to several environments.

    ·        As most of the infrastructure is hosted in AWS cloud and responsible for creating and managing EC2 instances.

    ·        Writing playbooks for installing and configuring the EC2 instances and automate deployments.

    ·        Developed Terraform for provisioning resources in AWS cloud.

    ·        Maintaining AMI’s for backup of configured EC2 instances.

    ·        Deploying the artifacts in environments like DEV, QA, UAT with ansible and jenkins.

    ·        Creating backup of EBS volumes and restoring them.

    ·        Ensuring the servers to sustain the load by configuring Elastic load balancer and auto scaling.


    CGI GROUP INC( Oct 2013- Sept 2017)

    Role: Software Engineer



    Ø  Involved in Application migration from on premises to AWS

    Ø  Worked as a part of AWS build team.

    Ø  Build and release Ec2 instances Amazon Linux, Redhat and Windows for POC, Development and
    Production environment.

    Ø  Defined branching, labeling, and merge strategies for all applications in Git.

    Ø  As a production support engineer, provide L2/L3 production support and manage applications widely used in >30 countries.

    Ø  Involved in On-call support

    Ø  Production deployments and supported several production servers upgrade activities (ex- patch, Firewall, SAN upgrade etc.) from application side.

    Ø  SSL certificate renewals maintenance

    Ø  Data refresh activities between multiple servers

    Ø  Supporting DR activities

    Ø  Application installations from scratch on UAT and Production servers.

    Ø  ITIL Certified

    Ø  Documenting High Priority (P1/P2) issues, resolution and RCA while working with Problem management

    Ø  Fair understanding of AppDynamics tools and configurations for nodes, sites of all 6 applications to fine tune monitoring events and alert mechanism for the calls violating Health rules.

    Ø  Deployment steps preparation for complex changes

    Ø  Troubleshooting and analysis of web requests / responses of applications using several tools like WCF storm, Saw Mill for IIS logs, Uptrends, AppDynamics.

    Ø  Fair knowledge in, C#, MS SQL server 2008/12, WCF,AWS cloud computing

    Ø  Interacting with clients and stake holders to provide best service.



    Project 2:

    Client: Shell UK

    Project: Shell Card Online

    Tool Used:, C# ,SSRS, Sql server ,wcf,


    ·        Contributing in Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation & Managing a team of 3 developers.

    ·        Worked on WCF service for developing service as well as consuming.

    ·        Worked on ASP.Net for frontend with Telerik controls

    ·        Worked on created pages ,user control, event handlers

    ·        Worked on ASP.Net data grid to generate different reports.

    ·        Worked in business logic layer using C# coding and logic implementation

    ·        Created stored procedure and function in SQL server.

    ·        Interact with the clients by responding to queries and issues raised at the time of deployment and support.

    ·        Unit Testing of the applications and fixing defects

    ·        Helping junior developers and regular monitoring of their work

    ·        Handling Complete software development lifecycle for the project

    ·        Providing Post Production Support


    Wincent Technologies (2012-2013):

    Client: Elpis Inc,

    Project: EPIS(Electronic Policy Insurance System)

    Tool Used: Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5, Asp.Net,Microsoft SQL Server 2012,Web services,SSRS


    Roles & Responsibility:


    Contributing in Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation
    Worked in business logic layer using C# coding and logic implementation.
    Worked on created pages ,user control, event handlers
    Worked on Telerik controls in
    Unit Testing of the applications and fixing defects
    ·        Providing Post Production Support



    ·        MCA  from SIKKIM MANIPAL UNIVERSITY, GANGTOK  in 2011


    I solemnly declare that the above-mentioned details are true to the best of my knowledge & belief


    Place    :     Bangalore                                                                                                          Sujoy Chakraborty

    AWSazure devopsPython
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