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    I’m a software developer with over 15 years of experience focused on Java, Spring, and .Net. I know how to be a good team player, self-disciplined, and flexible. I also have had different roles like a technical leader, Java software architecture, or a full stack developer in about 45 projects some from scratch and some in the maintenance phase.
    Nationality: Iranian

    Date of birth: 18 April 1984

    Address: Yerevan, Armenia


    Phone No: +374-94864537

    SkypeID: pahsa.gharibi


    Technology Summary

    •           Spring modules:  Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Data
    •           Languages/Programming: JAVA, .Net, VB6, HTML, XML, Bootstrap, CSS, javascript, AngularJS, typescript, Angular 8
    •           IDE: IntelliJ IDEA, STS, Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008/2010/2013, eclipse, VB6.
    •           Database: Oracle 10/11g, Redis, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, MS Access v. 2003/2010, FoxPro v.2.
    •           Reporting: JReport v.x, SSRS v. 2005/2008, ActiveReport v. 2.1, CrystalReport v.11.
    •           OS: Linux Oracle Enterprise v. 5.2/6.2, Ubuntu v.13/14, Windows v. 98/NT/SERVER2003/SERVER2008/XP/7/8/10
    •           Web Server: IIS v. 5/6, Tomcat v. 7/8, JBoss v. 9(wildly)
    •           Build and Dependency Tool: Maven v.3, Bower, gulp, NuGet.



    •           Certified of Oracle Database Administration, 2010, Asre-Danesh Institution(, Tehran, Iran
    •           Bachelor of Computer Software Science, 2007, Zarandiye Industrial University, Arak, Iran
    •           Associate Degree in Statistic, 2004, Sanjesh Organization University, Tehran, Iran
    •           Diploma in Mathematics, 2001, Koleyni Talents College, Tehran, Iran


    Professional Experience


    EGS (, Full stack developer

    Armenia, 01/2019 – current

    Doocat (Mobile and web banking app):

    •  Designing and developing back-end services and APIs with Struts 2 and Spring.
    •  Designing and developing business modules such as loans, deposits, transfers, managing accounts and cards, templates, and recurring in front-end parts.
    •  Designing and implementing multi-role management for a single user to have legal persons, physicals entities, or a merchant worker role and able to switch between them in front-end part.
    •  Implementing themes and schemas provided with designer into angular and HTML pages.
    •  Designing responsive HTML pages, sidebars, headers, and footers with Bootstrap and CSS.
     Java, Spring boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Oracle 11g, Maven, Git, Struts2. MongoDB, Angular 8, Bootstrap 4, CSS 3.


    Iran, 01/2017 – 01/2020

    Kipod – Senior back-end Developer
    Kipod is the first contactless e-wallet ticket payment in the Iranian marked which extended to a multipurpose mobile bank e-wallet.

    • Designing, implementing and extending new business features like version management, bill payment, paperless bill, mobile internet and voice packages purchase, online wallet credit transfers, etc.
    • Implementing B2B and B2C solutions through multiple third-party services.
    • Interacting with external business partners, establishing communication protocols mostly with JSON and SOAP.
    • Designing verify-retry flows through stateless loosely coupled APIs.
    • Implementing idempotent RESTful endpoints with concurrent and isolated transactions.
    • Implementing reliable services to handle over 1 million end-user data and their transactions t in a secure mobile app.
    Java, Spring boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Oracle 11g, Maven, Git.


    PPI (Pasargad Bank Bill Integration) – Team Leader

    It is a from-scratch project to integrating and managing whole bill payment transactions (estimated over 300,000 per day) with financial turnovers tracking through Pasargad Bank switches such as Mobile apps, Web Portals, POS terminals, bank counters, etc.

    • Designing a monolithic architecture to performing declarative I/O with Stop/Start/Restart and huge transaction management able to block-chunking and cache optimization.
    • Participating in meetings with product-owner and stakeholders to the inception and elaboration of requirements.
    • Tutoring, customizing and integrating core and infrastructure to base a fault-tolerant platform.
    • Developing, Designing, and Code reviewing in Back-end and Front-end.
    Java core, Spring core, Spring boot, Spring Batch, Spring Data, Hibernate, JWT, MapStruct, Oracle 11g, Tomcat, Maven, Git, Jhipster, Angular, Bootstrap, CSS, gulp, bower, Jira, scrum


    TAJMIEE – Full stack developer

    It is a POS Terminal Charge & Payment Platform to integrate transactions coming through vendors and buyers.

    • Developing and designing Scheduler and Monitoring tolls with QUARTZ.
    • Developing and managing huge POS transaction web service endpoints with Apache Mina.
    • Manipulating and querying data over 1TB databases.
    • Designing, developing, and debugging business rules in front-end and back-end parts.
    Java, Spring Data, Hibernate, Oracle 11g, Tomcat, Maven, Git, AngularJS, JQuery, Apache Mina, QUARTZ.



    Iran, 08/2015 – 10/2016

    As a CTO I was responsible for multiple projects some in inception, and some in the maintenance phase trying to establish a development unit to prevent outsourcing projects. Founding principles of coding and standardization, code reviewing, and training developers. Participating in all stages of software development and collaborating with team leaders, non-technical business parties, and Product Owners to prioritize the project’s requirements and business priorities. Understanding and measuring individuals and team performance indicators. looking ahead about technology choices and being pragmatic about consequences and giving and receiving feedback regularly made me move in the right direction.

    ParsTamin Platform – CTO:
    It is a base platform to facilitate and forcing development go on true approach and contained Security, BPMS, and Report Generator.

    • Implementing OpenID and SSO Using OAuth2.
    • Providing an OAuth2 Server using Spring v.4
    • Providing Oauth2 Clients Using Spring v.4 and AngularJS and
    • Designing and Developing 3A Security concepts (Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing).
    • Designing and Implementing Audit and Authorization using AOP concepts and Spring ACL.
    • Designing and Supporting row-filtering, caching, blacklist-whitelist strategies, role inheritance, exceptional permissions, role voters, securing instanced objects, etc.
    • Leading technical and R&D teams, training programmers, code reviewing, and providing helper classes.
    • Contributing to the design and implementation of BPMS and Report Generator projects to create an integrated system working seamlessly.
    Spring Security, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring ACL, Spring Data, MapStruct, Maven, Git, Hibernate, Wildfly 9, AngularJS, Bootstrap, CSS, bower, sass.


    Pars-Stars Customers Club – CTO, Team Leader:
    It is an online store letting vendors have their own dashboard to present their products and services and let them communicate with buyers, Issuing discount cards, and eliminating extra brokers.

    • Developing an online store from scratch based on insider platform and leading seven back-ends and front-end developer(
    • Supervising on implementing infrastructures and basic modules.
     Spring Security, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Data, MapStruct, Maven, Git, Hibernate, Wildfly 9, AngularJS, Bootstrap, CSS, bower, sass.


    MIMOS (, Senior J2EE Developer

    Malaysia, 01/2014 – 07/2014

    HIS (Hospitality Information Services platform):
    It is a Hospitality Information Services platform I joined in the external tools part.

    •  Implementing business use-cases with Spring MVC, Hibernate, and PostgreSQL.
    • Decompiling .net codes and fetching protocol rules.
    • Connecting to MyKad and MyKid card reader hardware devices purely with javascript libraries.
    •  Using FireBreath to make an extension for google chrome.
    Spring MVC, Spring Data, SVN, PostgreSQL, Maven, Javascript, .Net, FireBreath.


    Behestan Rayan(, Java Developer – PL/SQL Developer

    Iran, 01/2010 – 08/2012

    Core Banking:

    • Designing and developing basic information and administrator panel application of a core banking application with and Crystal-Report.
    • Developing loan subsystem application into a core banking system in J2SE(Swing).
    • Designing and developing a cashing application to store basic and iterative business information such as branch list, loan types, account types, region list, etc. which cached into a local MYSQL file next to the client jar file.
    • Designing and developing EOD (end of the day) scheduled job which made bank daily balance sheet, bank daily remained accounting headlines, and pay interests of bank deposit.
    • Data mining and querying on irreversible and sensitive data which had more than hundreds of concurrent transaction.
    • Developing deposit interest business features in PLSQL.
    • Installing, configuring, and initializing Oracle instances in live and test environments.
    • Performing backup and recoveries, undo data, etc. in Oracle.
    Java 6, .Net,, Java core, Java Swing, MYSQL, CVS, Jasper Report, Crystal Report, Microsft SQL Server, PL-SQL Developer, Oracle 10g, Sql-Plus.


    Mahfa Co.(, Java Developer – .Net Developer (full and part-time)

    Iran, 01/2008 – 01/2013


    • Designing reports using Crystal-Report and Developing windows and web forms with C# and and 2008.
    • Junior developer in a framework development team.
    • Developing windows desktop application UI components using C# and Janus v.2.
    • Designing and implementing a Package to facilitate the designing reports by Jasper-Report.
    • Improving and updating customized framework with new technologies and components.
    • Designing and programming Swing UI components with JFormDesigner such as PersianDateTimePicker, DataForm, Navigator, LookUpComboBox, PrintableDataGrid, etc.
    • Designing ERD and programming database using T-SQL and PLSQL, writing procedures, functions, triggers, indexes in Oracle, SQL, and MYSQL.
    • Writing queries in PLSQL and TSQL to providing test plan measures to facilitate the correction of QC and financial conflicts.
    • Designing and developing modules to formulating, calculating, and Parsing Strings.
    • Doing code review, establishing code rules, and standards for the coding of integrating heterogeneous subsystems.
    • Converting data through databases, Implementing Business Plans to move from one system to another one.
    • Performing converts by writing queries between multiple databases in SQL Server 2005.
    • Developing and planning following applications for a windows desktop ERP application using .net such as
    • Accountancy, Warehouse, Sale, Asset, HRM, treasury, Inventory, Leasing, security systems, and services.
    Java 6,,, Janus, Java core, Java Swing, MYSQL, Jasper Report, Crystal Report, Microsft SQL Server 2008, PLSQL Developer, Oracle, TFS.


    GolAndisheh Co(, Visual Basic Developer

    Iran, 01/2008 – 01/2009

    Report Generator:
    It was a desktop app provided for companies with a big amount of data to make dynamic reports easily and visualize their business concepts.

    • Writing documents, testing plans, and user documentation.
    • Database and software installation and training end-users.
    • Programming, maintaining, and developing a VB6 report generator application.
    • Creating and testing reports of various databases such as Oracle, MYSQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Access, Excel, fox-pro, etc.
    • Making decoder for report generator application in some languages such as Farsi, Arabic.
     Visual Basic 6, Oracle 9g,10g, Active Report, MYSQL, Microsoft Office, fox-Pro.



    I’m in love with nature and camping. Sometimes I attend charity activities as much as I can. I also like astronomy, parachuting, American classic cars, and Beers!


    • Farsi: Native
    • English: Advanced
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