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    #Career Highlights

    • AI Intern @Bosch: BCAI – Tokyo, Japan

    Worked in the Bosch centre of Artificial Intelligence department and carried out projects revolving around anomaly detection for machinery, pattern recognition and creation of manufacturing line optimization model

    -Used variational autoencoders model for anomaly detector

    -Used OpenCv for pattern recognition from recorded video

    -Used Reinforcment Learning for optimization of manufacturing line


    • Remote Junior Data Scientist at @MitakusAnalytics – Munich,Germany

    Helped with a team creating of a revenue and items prediction system for canteens in Germany – My tasks: Used LSTM for modelling the data and reached decent results, developed the solution and deployed it


    # What I am good at

    • Fluent in Python, SQL, R.

    • Fluent with Data preprocessing and exploration libraries: pandas, seaborn, statistics, vizualisation tools

    • Fluent with Data modelling libraries: pytorch, keras, scikit-learn


    Data Science
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