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    Brijilal Mohanty is a Digital Strategist with over 20 years of IT experience, 9+ years in IT Consulting. Broad and deep experience in Visioning, devising Strategy, Architecting and Delivering large and complex IT eco-system.
    Experienced in working with very senior Stakeholders in Business to Plan, Budget and Execute multi-year roadmaps for Technology Transformation, driving Innovation via Agile/DevOps/Automation, leveraging Cloud, Data Science and in Cost Strategy (TCO/CAPEX/OPEX ) Key Focus Areas: API/Micro Service, Cloud, DevOps and OLAP/OLTP Solutions, Machine Learning
    Client Achievements / Key Transformations achieved
    TCO & Business Continuity
    • Simplified/Rationalized Application portfolio leveraging AWS cloud resulting in 5 – 20% TCO reduction y-o-y for multiple clients. Experienced in using AWS and TCO calculators
    • Leveraged new age Cloud ready Solutions resulting in maintaining Regulatory needs and TCO reduction — 24/7 and 365 days availability for Singapore, India — Increasing user loads without significant investments Solutions: IBM DB2 BLU, Apache Ignite, Apache Spark Analytics/Data Lake, Kafka, API/Micro Services, and Redis
    • Leveraged Cloud & API solutions resulting in 35% lower CAPEX/OPEX and Faster Turnaround Time — Reduced Infrastructure cost — Faster Infra/Operation provisioning — Reusable assets — Yield profit API monetization — New age Data Analytics/DataLake — Enabled Digital Banking — Met higher business SLAs for critical functions (Performance/Scalability, change management etc.) — Room for doing hit & trial researches — Faster Testing yielding continuous improvements
    • Zero RTO for a leading Banking customer enhancing their Business continuity which helped them avoid regulatory penalties in Singapore and Hong Kong
    • Solution on multiple Active-Active and Active-Passive High Availability and DR solutions for Application and Databases for major Banking clients
    Run the Business – Cloud Native, Hybrid Cloud, Virtualization and Cloud Migration
    • Cloud Native: Provided multiple Solutions on API and Micro Services on AWS using API Gateway and RDS, Tomcat Application Server and Java 8, Spring Boot and Tomcat App Server
    • Hybrid Cloud: – Lift and Shift of Apache Spark Data Lake from On-Prem to AWS cloud with 80 GB Data – Solution for APIs on AWS and Core Banking systems on-prem – Multiple On-Prem and AWS hosted Application eco-systems using VPC and/or Direct-Line
    Brijilal Mohanty
    (Mob): +91 783 839 1446
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    – Leveraged DMS for migrating Postgres and DB2 from On-Prem to AWS – Migrated Redhat EAP 5 (VM Image in vmdk format) to AWS
    Storage and Security – App, Data, IAM/SSO, Encryption, App/Web Servers
    • Implemented Security both for On-Prem and AWS Cloud Solutions — Application Security — Data Security (In-Motion and At Rest) — IAM and Leveraging MS Exchange servers on AWS for SSO — Applying NACL and Security Groups across EC2, Logical Servers etc.
    • Strategy on diversified Data consulting – Hot and Cold data (S3 / Glacier) – Usage of different Databases and No SQLs such as Mongo DB, Redis, – In-Memory platforms such as Hazelcast, Gridgain Ignite, IBM BLU etc. – Increasing Batch jobs performance via SIMD processor and PCIe SSD based drives in Cloud – RPO and Data Loss strategies, Back Up and Snapshots
    Operations – Build/Release/Deployment
    • Multiple Solutions on DevOps for both On-Prem and AWS hosted Applications (Mainly Java and Angular Apps) using Jenkins, Git, Docker, VMWare Images and/.or AWS DevOps
    • Deployment to Live App Servers (Websphhere, Jboss, Tomcat/ Apache Http Servers)
    Scalability/Performance/Sizing – App, Persistence Storage, S3/EBS/Glacier, Hardware, Auto Scaling
    • Strategy on Data Operations: Read Local-Write Global for Read intensive, Read Local and Write Partitioned across geography for Read-Write of 50-50% and Read Local & Write Local when no option available
    • Application Server tuning, Design, Selection of Technology/Platform/Products
    • Redis as enterprise Caching, Database performance Management
    • Load Balancing
    • Leveraging edge servers for content serving or cached data
    • Active-Active and Active-Passive configurations for Databases, Read-Replicas
    • OLAP Database and Document/Non-Transactional Storage management to segregate the load
    • Adopting In-Memory platforms and strategy on Memory to Disk ratios
    • Leveraging Auto-Scaling feature on AWS for On-Demand or sudden spike in load
    • Selection of New Age processors (SIMD), NVMe/PCIe SSDs for faster data-intensive applications (Could also be evaluated against the In-Memory or Grid computing platforms such as Gridgain Ignite/Hazelcast/Oracle Coherence etc.)
    Analytics & AI/ML
    • Solutions on Banking Ad /Campaign management (Using Logistic regression) for Loans/Cards. This is currently happening on-prem but we are planning to move it to AWS ML in future
    • Data Lakes (Apache Spark based) on AWS

    APIAWSCloudDigital TransformationEnterprise ArchitectureJAVAMicro ServiceSolution Architecture
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