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    Anindya has experience in the development of network applications for layer-2 device, i.e. Ipanema’s Ip|Engines which enables faster and optimized connectivity on specific LANs within a WAN. He also worked on Lawful Interception for IPLC. He also integrated LI with CMS. He is currently working in the development of security and protocol features of Cisco’s Web Security Appliance. Apart from industry, he had research experience on text compression methodology, pattern matching, text indexing, and its corresponding state-of-art data structures, e.g. – prefix tree, AVL tree suffix tree, suffix array.

    30-Oct-2019/Till date
    Wipro Ltd Tech Lead

    Developing new Features in Cisco Web Security Appliance

    Vehere Interactive Pvt. Ltd Senior Product Engineer

    Developing, extending and maintaining Lawful Interception Device

    Alumnus Software Ltd. Technical Lead

    Developing of adjacent source detection in SMS Spam Filter and implementation of UI for configuring quarantine patterns and source of possible spams

    CDNSSECHTTP/2IPCs)Linux System programming (SocketMulthreadOpenSSLTCP/IP
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