About you

To thrive in this role, we imagine that you’re someone who…

  • is interested in solving technical problems, and enjoys figuring out not just what isn’t working, but why it isn’t working
  • enjoys collaborating with people from other fields (be it product, engineering, sales or marketing)
  • is able to explain complex technical problems to others in a clear way, even if those people are less tech-literate than yourself
  • enjoys communicating with users and learning about their problems and needs

Your role and responsibilities

We have friendly customers, who are enthusiastic about the usability of our video calls and grateful for the helpfulness of our support team. However, doing video calls in the browser offers a multitude of potential technical errors, bugs and hick-ups. We’re looking for a support specialist who will lead our efforts in improving how we do technical support.

These will be your primary responsibilities:

  • Be part of our interdisciplinary squad focusing on the core video call experience, with team members from engineering, product and support
  • Create documentation and workflows that will help our Tier I support team be more self-sufficient in solving technical issues
  • For technical issues that our Tier I support team is not able to solve, you will be reproducing and documenting technical issues, especially concerning video calls
  • Come up with suggestions to solve these technical issues in collaboration with the engineering and product teams
  • Coordinate between engineering and customer support during downtime

Our typical support problems might look like this:

  • “My camera isn’t working”
  • “The sound disappeared”
  • “I just see a blank screen”
  • “I could hear the patient but the patient couldn’t hear me”
  • “I can’t log in”

It is key for us to figure out whether the problem is A) a usability issue, B) a technical issue locally with this user, or whether C) the user has stumbled upon a bug, for instance introduced after an update of a browser or operating system.

As the Technical Support Specialist, you will help with improving workflows and documentation so that more of the problems in A and B can be solved by the user themselves or Tier 1 support. You will personally be essential in handling the problems in C, by accurately describing and reproducing them before they are handed over to the engineering team.

Your experience and background

We think you’ve had 1-3 years of professional experience. The exact title isn’t that important – we will adapt the position depending on your speciality. Regardless, we think that you have seen what has worked and hasn’t worked in technical support, and want to take what you’ve learned and build on them.

More specifically, we imagine that…

  • you either have a technical background or have experience with systematic troubleshooting/debugging of technical problems
  • you have professional experience from customer support or similar
  • you’re used to working with customers with low digital literacy (healthcare professionals and patients are on average older than users of general digital services)

Optional bonus skills

None of the below is required, but if you have any prior knowledge of them, be sure to mention it in your application!

  • HTML, CSS and JS
  • SQL
  • WebRTC
  • Knowledge of other languages than English (our working language), such as German or a Scandinavian language
  • Knowledge about healthcare, either due to your experience, education or more informal reasons

Your colleagues 🙂

The Confrere support team was established in March, as a response to a large influx of customers due to Covid-19. Before that, all customer support was solved by colleagues in product, engineering and marketing. That means everyone in the company has hands-on experience with supporting our customers.

Your manager will be Marie (Head of Customer Success). Your teammates in the support team are Andrea (full-time Customer Support Specialist), as well as the part-time customer support team: Aline, August, David, Kim, Sophia, Thea and Tirill. As the liaison between support and engineering, you’ll also be in close contact with Dag-Inge (Chief Technical Officer), as well as the rest of the engineering team: Ingvild, Jayne, Josep, Nienke, Nikolai and Paweł.

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