We are looking for a highly motivated Technical Product Manager to join the Voltron Data team. As a member of our product organization, you will help to drive the development and adoption of expressive, portable programming interfaces for working with data.

Why work at Voltron Data?

  • We’re Going for Impact: We are a Series A, venture-backed startup assembling a global team to build a new foundation for data analytics with Apache Arrow. This foundation will usher in a wave of innovation in data processing that can take full advantage of the speed and efficiency offered by modern hardware.
  • We’re Committed to Bridging Open Source Communities: We are a collection of open source maintainers who have been driving open source ecosystems over the last 15 years, particularly in the C++, Python, and R programming ecosystems.
  • We’re Building a Diverse, Inclusive Company:  We are creating a representative, equitable, and respectful workplace that prioritizes employee growth. Everyone at Voltron Data is bought into the company’s success; all voices are critical to shaping the organization’s future.


Below is a rough timeline of where you can expect to be at different points during your career path starting in this position.

Upon Joining:

    • Deepening your knowledge of dataframe libraries/APIs, with an emphasis on the Python ecosystem (cuDF, Dask, Ibis, Modin, pandas, Polars, PySpark, siuba, Vaex, and others)
    • Gaining an understanding of our vision for portable dataframe APIs, including Ibis for Python and dplyr for R
    • Learning about the Apache Arrow and Substrait open source projects and the roles they play in enabling portability in dataframe APIs
    • Appreciating the constraints, choices, and tradeoffs associated with designing and implementing portable dataframe APIs
    • Getting familiar with real-world applications of portable dataframe APIs and observing how they solve problems of scalability, vendor lock-in, and silos

Within a month:

    • Helping to prioritize issues for open source projects including Ibis, Apache Arrow, and Substrait
    • Setting up a development environment and making contributions to these projects to help build credibility, trust, and empathy with your engineering colleagues
    • Facilitating cross-team communication of product requirements, status, and blockers
    • Balancing competing engineering priorities and fostering principled resolutions in alignment with our vision and values
    • Empowering our engineering teams with insights into how their work enables our customers and the community to solve real-world problems

Within 3-6 months:

    • Reviewing GitHub pull requests and participating in community discussions
    • Helping our go-to-market teams discover new opportunities for applying Ibis, dplyr, and other portable dataframe APIs to solve high-value needs for customers and prospects
    • Contributing to the design of Voltron Data commercial products
    • Advocating for a magical experience for users of Voltron Data products
    • Establishing relationships with system integrator (SI) partners to increase the reach of Voltron Data products

Within 12 months:

    • Working with our go-to-market teams to deliver compelling presentations of Voltron Data products to prospective customers and partners
    • Helping to run pilot programs of pre-release products
    • Planning the timing and scope of product releases
    • Gathering feedback from customers and partners and using it to improve our product vision and execution continuously

Previous experience required:

    • Using SQL, Python, R, or C++ for data analysis, data engineering, data science, or machine learning tasks
    • Using dataframe libraries/APIs such as pandas, polars, PySpark, Ibis, or dplyr
    • Writing data analytics code that runs locally on small data, and feeling the pain of needing to rewrite it to run on larger data or in a production system
    • Writing data analytics queries/code to run on a specific engine/platform, and feeling the pain of needing to rewrite it when migrating to a different engine/platform
    • Collecting user/customer feedback and turning it into prioritized, actionable engineering tasks

Previous experience that could be helpful:

    • Designing and implementing data solutions for enterprise customers based on open source standards and technologies
    • Balancing the needs of multiple stakeholder groups (internal engineering and product teams, customers, open source communities)
    • Managing a product roadmap, defining product acceptance criteria, and successfully launching a technical business-to-business product
    • Authoring and maintaining open source projects, especially for Python
    • Communicating effectively and empathetically in speech and writing with diverse, globally distributed customers, colleagues, and open source community members

Additional Information:

The salary range for this role is between $130,000 – $160,000. Actual starting pay will be based on job-related factors, including exact work location, experience, training, and skill level, so may be higher or lower than what is shown on this posting. This position is also eligible for additional incentives such as equity awards.

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