The Senior Product Manager for Experimentation Growth will be responsible for developing growth strategies and driving product initiatives across Optimizely’s Web and Feature Experimentation products. This role will require an analytical and cross-team approach to establish baseline and target growth metrics. It also involves recognizing trendsand identifying opportunities to enhance metrics related to acquisition, activation, conversion, retention, and monetization of our experimentation products.

The Ideal Candidate…

  • Excels in the role of a product manager, demonstrating proficiency in prioritization, roadmap development, effective communication, collaboration, and strategic problem-solving.
  • Has a thorough understanding of features and technology within the experimentation domain. Ideally is already an Optimizely pro!
  • Navigates the growth landscape adeptly, spanning from customer acquisition to feature adoption, and excels in identifying expansion opportunities within a product
  • Is proficient in data analysis tools and techniques, leveraging data-driven insights to shape the growth roadmap
  • Demonstrates a solid understanding of all relevant concepts within the entire product suite at Optimizely, with a preference for MarTech experience
  • Consistently engages in cross-functional collaboration, particularly with sales, customer success, and support teams.
  • Boasts a track record of delivering high-quality, timely work products that have a measurable positive impact on the business
  • Regularly uses rapid experimentation to facilitate quick learning, iteration and ultimately getting it right


Job Responsibilities

Collaboration & Communication:

  • Demonstrates influence in garnering support for complex and long-term product investments, overseeing every stage of product delivery from ideation to enablement and adoption.
  • Develops meaningful relationships with key stakeholders internally and externally, irrespective of their level, to achieve business objectives.
  • Handles conflicts and difficult conversations directly and maturely, earning trust in leading through challenges or uncertainty.
  • Ensures their squad understands the company and department strategy, communicating it regularly.
  • Serves as a visible internal and external spokesperson for the product.
  • Effectively motivates and leads the squad, providing necessary context, setting timelines, and reporting to leadership.

Complexity & Decision Making:

  • Establishes prioritization principles to inform consistent decision-making.
  • Ruthlessly prioritizes with company objectives in mind, even if it entails discontinuing projects or reassigning team members to another squad.
  • Actively seeks opportunities to reduce scope, demonstrating pragmatism and cleverness when evaluating new ideas.
  • Embodies an experimentation mindset, consistently centered on hypothesis thinking and rapid experimentation.
  • Assists in refining metrics and analytical models to enhance the quality of data-driven decisions.
  • Executes the fundamentals of leadership, knowing when to take action versus delegate, decide versus empower.
  • Effectively communicates data and facts to leadership to drive faster decision-making.

Leadership & Inclusion:

  • Takes a more active role in recruiting talent and team building.
  • Demonstrates a multiplier effect on ADEPT, being actively sought out by their squad and others for advice.
  • Ensures design and engineering are engaged stakeholders in all product initiatives, proactively seeking their input for roadmap items and planning.
  • Fosters a culture of inclusion and empathy, creating a safe space for open and honest conversation.
  • Reinforces positive behavior and results through timely praise.
  • Effectively influences, informs, and mobilizes others to achieve a shared vision, mission, and goals.

Drives Business Results & Impact:

  • Delivered work has a measurable positive impact on company and ADEPT performance; regularly reports on all products managed and leads others to do the same.
  • Connects company objectives to team work and defines measures to track impact.
  • Consistently challenges the team to accomplish more than they think they can.
  • Sets a predictable cadence for product delivery and maintains a high bar for product quality.
  • Demonstrates the ability to consistently solve large and unique problems using a data and customer-driven process and tightly managing scope.

Adaptability & Resilience:

  • Actively seeks out challenging projects and welcomes difficult feedback.
  • Adapts appropriately to changes in priority, using the company strategy to quickly make adjustments in priority, staffing, or scope.
  • Could change squads or area of ownership with short notice; would need little support to be equally effective in their new role.
  • Encourages and requests feedback, and when appropriate, modifies behavior, thinking, or projects without being defensive or discouraged.
  • Takes accountability for own professional development and actively pursues learning in alignment with the company strategy and vision.

Knowledge and Experience

  • 5-8 years of product experience; or 3-5 years of product experience with extensive exposure to Optimizely (either through an internal transfer or as a customer).
  • Excels in and coaches others on the fundamental concepts, practices, and procedures of Product Management, including data analysis, product requirements, prioritization, cross-team collaboration, and stakeholder management.
  • Demonstrates keen business acumen and possesses a strong understanding of the fundamentals of business success.
  • The scope of work expands beyond their core area of responsibility; regularly collaborates cross-functionally to support the end-to-end Product Development process.
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