Hello. Biteable here. We’re always looking for great talent around the world and would love to hear from you. Please submit your application, and we’d love to stay in touch and reach out if there’s a good fit. Thanks for your interest in Biteable!

A little about Biteable

Biteable is an online video tool that puts the power of making a video in your hands. We enable you to create a video from scratch using our broad library of animations and footage.  Since launching in 2014, the goal has been to make top-quality videos possible for everyone with a tool that’s sublimely simple.

At Biteable we’re committed to the happiness of our employees. We love it when everyone feels supported, and we doubly love it when everyone feels empowered to create.

The Biteable team is located around the globe from Denver to Atlanta to Sydney and lots of places in between. Our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are the glue that binds us.  We treat each other like adults, and we set our own schedules. We also recognize that families (and pets) are part of our daily lives, and we like that they often turn up on our video calls. We are informal, structurally flat, and fun to work with.

Biteable is a bit of a rarity in that everyone genuinely cares about each other. When asked, they use words like these to describe their colleagues: rigorous, respectful, open, supportive, honest, and egoless.

All about you:

  • You’re collaborative. You enjoy working with a diverse team built up of multiple functions.
  • You know computer science. You’ve got a strong grasp of the fundamentals and you’re learning more all the time.
  • You like puzzles. You enjoy technical challenges and you enjoy solving them even more.
  • You’re about quality. Your code and engineering meet best practices or rise above.
  • You know big SaaS. You have experience working on a multi-tier, multi-component SaaS system that serves millions of users.
  • You like video. You watch your fair share of YouTube and you’re into the way video helps people communicate.
  • You’re a solid communicator. Verbal and written communication are two things you excel at.
  • You know cloud stuff. You have experience with cloud services and infrastructure-as-code, specifically AWS and Terraform. If you don’t, you want to learn.
  • You do FFMPEG. You have experience running and tuning FFMPEG. If not, you’d like to.

All about the role. You will:

  • Lots of Ruby and JavaScript. You’ll work in these daily as they form our codebase.
  • Designing, testing, and shipping. You’ll work on all stages of creating features worth falling in love with.
  • Writing and talking. As a team role in a remote company, you’ll need to over-communicate with confidence.
  • Based in the Americas. Your closest team members will be on the same or an overlapping timezone.
  • Part of product squad. You’ll work collaboratively and cross-function with team members from different backgrounds like product and UX.
  • Hardware included. You’ll get a new laptop and a budget for improving your home office.
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