Why are we hiring for this role now?
I’m Gottfried, Flatfile’s CMO. I’ve led marketing in the enterprise software development space multiple times over and have helped companies transform from unknown niche players into recognized category leaders.
My journey in marketing has been self-directed, growing from a single-person marketing function to building a team to a CMO. This journey has taught me the importance of initiative, a curious mind and follow-through as the basis for personal growth and success. My managerial style reflects this; I love to work with people who are inventive, agile, have a strong opinion and at the same time can execute like second to none.
I’m excited to add a Director of Product Marketing to our team. We’re looking for someone truly ambitious and driven who can lead us forward as we continue to build out our market-defining product offering. With your proven experience working with developer tools or technical software products, we will be looking to you to help articulate Flatfile’s product value and story in the most effective and engaging way.
The job
As Flatfile’s Product Marketer, you’ll take charge of all things product marketing focusing on building competitive product messaging strategies, content and sales tools that effectively communicate the benefits of Flatfile.
Your role is crucial in making complex concepts sound simple and engaging to a vast audience. Our target audience ranges from software engineers to IT and business executives. You’ll be responsible for establishing compelling messaging and content that appeals to these target personas and articulates the technical and business value of Flatfile effectively.
Success in this role means you’ll quickly evolve from learning the ropes to becoming a strategic thinker who can balance market vision with hands-on getting things done. You’ll actively seek out more information, communicate with peers, internal and external subject matter experts as well as platform users to build out our market differentiation and shape messaging that entices new users and customers.
You’ll be collaborating closely with me, Katie (Director of Demand Gen); and Anne (Content Writer) along with our Head of Product and the entire Product Team. In addition to the Executive Team, you’ll frequently interact with the Sales Team, including Account Executives and our VP of Sales, to ensure our product messaging is on point and effective.

Your main responsibilities:

      • Lead product marketing and build competitive product messaging strategies that communicate the benefits of Flatfile in an effective and engaging way
      • Establish frameworks and best practices to effectively develop and drive product packaging, pricing, messaging and market positioning
      • Create compelling product content and sales tools including sales presentations, collateral, white papers, and videos that demonstrate Flatfile’s technology, business value and product differentiators
      • Work across all parts of the organization to optimize our PLG model, maximize user progression and sales funnel conversions
      • Plan, build and execute product launch initiatives and campaigns
      • Partner with our Developer Experience to continuously improve the developer journey. Work with our Demand Generation and Growth team to massively grow our user base and create measurable pipeline impact
      • Enable our GTM teams with market, product and competitive knowledge and sales tools
If this sounds like a fun challenge, let’s define the Data Exchange category together!

Consider applying if you have:

    • 7+ years of experience in software product marketing or related roles
    • Expertise with developer-oriented PLG or freemium business models along with enterprise GTM motions
    • Domain expertise in the area of software development tools, cloud, integration solutions or other developer/IT-oriented software products
    • Experience marketing to software developers and IT management personas across industries
    • Experience being a compelling storyteller who can engage and educate colleagues, customers and partners
    • Experience analyzing products, competition, pricing, and industry trends combined with development and delivering of competitive messaging and positioning
    • Experience working with direct and indirect sales teams and marketing to enterprise customers
    • Spearheaded strategic projects and recognized as trusted leader inside executive teams
    • Exceptional writing and communication skills and a knack for visualizing complex concepts in a simple way
    • Demonstrated ability to operate in a fast-paced environment, balancing both strategic and tactical responsibilities

While many Product Marketing roles are similar, Flatfile’s is unique. With that in mind, you should pass on applying if:

    • You like to have specific playbooks and criteria already made for you. Part of your role will be to help chart the course and build those out over time.
    • You don’t enjoy ambiguity. You’re going to have to find out the answers for yourself here at Flatfile. Sometimes this means Slacking teammates; other times it’s researching a brand new topic. While having all of the necessary information at your fingertips would be ideal, oftentimes you’re going to have to work through uncertainty to uncover the information you need to unblock yourself.
    • You’ve never worked in a fast-paced environment. We move quickly. And a lot of places say that, but trust us, we really do. If you get frustrated when priorities change rapidly, we’re not the place for you.
In accordance with applicable law, the following represents Flatfile’s reasonable estimate of the range of possible compensation for this role if hired in Colorado.
Salary: $160,000 – $210,000 annually
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