As a Data Analyst at Help Scout, you’ll work closely with executive and leadership stakeholders to define how to measure success, track the business’s health, and find data-backed opportunities to help the company grow. You’ll use data to help advise our teams on how best to measure success, understand where our teams are having success, and provide insights to the company.

What You’ll Do

  • You’ll use data storytelling to clarify the organization’s big questions, like how healthy the business is and what opportunities we can explore to improve it.
  • You will collaborate closely with leadership stakeholders to help shape their team strategy and develop and define their quarterly objectives and success metrics.
  • You’ll work with engineers during the product development stage to ensure features are being developed with reporting in mind.
  •  You’ll build a data and analysis roadmap that anticipates significant reporting deliverables and related infrastructure work.
  • You’ll model product usage data so that Product and Revenue teams can easily find insights for common asks.
  • You’ll foster a data-driven culture at Help Scout by providing training and creating resources (documentation, screencasts, etc) to empower others to perform their analyses.


About You

  • Data analysis
    • You have 4+ years of experience with SQL and can translate business requirements into procedures and views. You are comfortable writing CTEs, window functions, aggregations, and various join types.
    • You have a strong interest in applied knowledge of statistics, KPIs/metrics, and trend analysis. You are comfortable using a wide range of statistical and analytical techniques to derive patterns from data.
    • You’ve had previous experience with large datasets, such as analytics events or product event log data.
  • Data modeling
    • You can intuit what data and measurements stakeholders need in the long term to build valuable, sustainable data models that serve organizational needs.
    • You have 2+ years of dbt experience, our analytics engineering tool that allows analytics engineers and analysts to build and iterate on data models quickly.
  • Reporting and visualization
    • You’ve had 4+ years of experience with data warehousing, BI, and reporting tools (e.g., Looker, Power BI, Tableau, etc). You are passionate about visualizing data that can tell a story and be easily understood by others in the business.
  • Project management
    • You’re focused on taking projects from start to finish and enjoy the process of turning nebulous ideas into reality.
    • You have good analytical & problem-solving skills with a history of successful project ownership.
    • You can manage competing priorities well between large, in-depth projects and ad hoc requests to support the business day-to-day.
  • Collaboration
    • You are an effective collaborator, an excellent listener, and a fantastic communicator who can write and speak with empathy. You like working directly with business teams to explore and gain insight from new data sets.


Who You’ll Work With

  • Jessica Liu, Data Team Manager. This role reports to Jessica. You’ll chat and collaborate with her often, receive mentorship, and build an understanding of the organization and its analysis needs.
  • Kyle Thompson, Senior Analytics Engineer. This role regularly works with Kyle, an integral Data team member. Analysts work with Kyle to determine whether we need the data, how best to organize and model it, and how to surface it in Looker.
  • Eli Overbey, VP of Revenue Operations. This role is part of the Revenue Operations division. You’ll learn how the business is doing and how the Revenue Operations team expects to support upcoming initiatives.
  • Shawna Fisher, CFO. The Revenue Operations division is part of the Business Team. Revenue Operations leads work closely with Shawna and the rest of the Finance team. 


Each role at Help Scout has a pay range aligned to our salary formula and based on national market data. We take a competency-based approach and pay is based on the level and band of your role. We assess leveling during the hiring process for new teammates, during our bi-annual performance review cycles, and when a teammate’s role changes.

Our remote compensation philosophy is not based on the employee’s geographic location. You are paid the same no matter where you live.

For this role, our salary range is $136,000 – $147,000.

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