We’re looking for a collaborative, consultative, problem-hungry Customer Success Manager to drive us forward as we bring Flatfile’s new platform to the masses. Flatfile is an API-first, developer-led platform at the forefront of AI-assisted data exchange. Simply put, this is exciting and unchartered territory. If you’re a CSM who loves building where things are yet to exist, consider reading on.
This role reports to: Becca Weiss, VP of Customer Success
Located in: Pacific Time or Mountain Time
This role may be listed at other companies as:
• Client Relationship Manager
• Customer Experience Manager
• Customer Support Manager
Why are we hiring for this role now?
I’m Becca, Flatfile’s VP of Customer Success at Flatfile. My whole career has been in Customer Success, one way or another. My journey started in the heart of customer service, navigating through the complexities of technical support where I was determined to go beyond fleeting customer interactions. As a Customer Support Engineer, I found joy in demystifying the technical side for consumers and looking to provide comprehensive solutions outside of my job description.
Throughout my career, I’ve come to understand that transparency isn’t just a buzzword. It’s critical to customer satisfaction, building relationships, and growth, not only for the business, but yourself.
In the fast-paced world of Flatfile, our customers are at the forefront of everything we do. My leadership is defined by an unyielding pursuit to create raving fans through every interaction. It’s here where our Radical Support Manifesto comes alive—which is the living, breathing core of how we operate. We treat every piece of feedback as a gem, whether pointing us to new heights or reminding us where to ground ourselves more firmly.
We value the ability to pivot swiftly, always with an ear to the ground and open dialogue with our customers. It’s about being real with each other and our customers—sharing in their challenges, empathizing, and working together to solve problems and build relationships rooted in trust. This is how we make our customers truly successful.
As we navigate the exciting growth of our latest product, every team member’s honesty makes a huge difference. We’re about creating those genuine ‘got your back’ moments. If you want to join a team where trust is the currency and customer success is the goal, you’ll fit right in.
The job
As part of our Customers for Life (C4L) organization, we set the standard for exceptional customer experience. From the first touchpoint to the last use case, Flatfile strives to enable seamless data transactions for every organization worldwide. In this role within our Customer Success team, you’ll own the post-sale relationship with some of our most strategic customers. You will be their Flatfile advocate and own product engagement and revenue growth.
At Flatfile, we changed our Customer Success model to focus more on Enterprise customers; while this absolutely does not mean we’re neglecting any customers, it does mean we are going after enterprise-level deals. As we build up our Enterprise portfolios more and more, we hope that you, as our Customer Success Manager, will grow alongside our customers and begin to manage their continued usage with Flatfile.
We’re looking for someone who will become a product expert. You will know how our customers use and, maybe more importantly, don’t use Flatfile.
The more willing you are to learn and get dirty in the nitty-gritty technical details, the more successful you, and Flatfile, will be. Don’t stress; we’re not expecting you to be an engineer. You will have our Expert Customer Engineers in Roby, Michael, and Seungyeon alongside you.

Your main responsibilities:

      • The success of our strategic customers will be your key focus; long-term customer value also happens to be one of the most critical components of the recurring revenue nature of our business model.
      • Because Flatfile is an API, many of our customers use Flatfile in multiple different ways; however, it will be your responsibility to drive customer adoption through the implementation of best practices, ensuring successful onboarding and utilization of the product. You’ll create new best practices as you learn how your customers use the platform.
      • Upsell opportunities. By becoming a product expert, you’ll partner with our Account Executives to confidently make recommendations and uncover potential upsell opportunities based on customer usage, exploring more use cases for their business and new Flatfile product offerings.
If this sounds like a fun challenge, let’s define the Data Exchange category together!

Consider applying if:

    • You have worked in a developer-first, API-based company, at a high-growth startup. We know this is pretty specific. So as long as you can check off two of those, we’d like to hear from you.
    • You have experience expanding customer adoption and growing revenue by building meaningful relationships. In this role, you’ll work with some of our most strategic customers through a high-touch engagement model. If you like working with clients and helping them make decisions, you’ll love this role.
    • You are comfortable interacting and influencing internal stakeholders; from departmental champions to C-Level sponsors; no title is too large for you to feel right at home.
    • You believe Salespeople are your friends. You’ll work closely with Account Executives to identify and close contract renewals and expansion opportunities.
    • You’ve designed and presented business reviews and strategic success plans. You’ll have help here, but we really want you to understand the product and your customer and know what direction makes sense for both parties.
    • You are a quick learner, comfortable with asking questions. You’ll be expected to become a product expert. Maybe not right away, but in due time.

While many CSM roles are similar, Flatfile’s CSM roles are unique. With that in mind, you should pass on applying if:

    • You don’t want to make your own decisions on what is the best paved road to build for Flatfile, and expect a lead or manager to make the final call on what that is. Our leads (and managers) give ample commentary and feedback on technical decisions and how they’re made, but you ship what you want to build and are accountable for it.
    • You like to have specific playbooks and criteria already made for you. While we’re on our way to building this out, we’re not quite there yet (but we are close!).
    • You like having two or three accounts, and that’s it. This role will require you to juggle a lot of customers. That’s the fun, right? If this doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy doing, this role isn’t for you.
    • You’ve never worked in a fast-paced environment. We move quickly. And a lot of places say that, but trust us, we really do. If you get frustrated when priorities change rapidly, we’re not the place for you.

What tools will you use?

    • I’m sharing our tech stack with the caveat that we don’t require previous experience in it, but we know it’s useful for you to have this information upfront: Salesforce, Mode, Rocketlane, Front, Slack, Notion.
$100,000 – $125,000 a year
In accordance with applicable law, the following represents Flatfile’s reasonable estimate of the range of possible compensation for this role if hired in Colorado.
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