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CitizenShipper is a share-economy shipping and transportation marketplace that connects people who want something delivered with drivers who can actually do the delivery. As a marketplace, we focus mainly on helping pet owners find a transporter for their pets and so far we’ve helped thousands of pet owners reunite with their pets. Anyone can sign up as a driver, and search for shipments (usually long distance) on our site. People transport just about anything using CitizenShipper, but pets are extremely popular.

  • Our team is international
  • Everyone works remotely (from home)
  • We have a “minimum meetings” culture
  • We’re still growing, and you have a lot of room to grow with us

We are looking for a Driver Onboarding Manager to provide onboarding assistance, a higher sense of belonging, and a delightful overall experience for transporters who use CitizenShipper.


  • Proactively enhance all aspects of the driver onboarding experience
  • Proactively strive to ensure the newly signed up drivers with a feeling of overwhelming delight with CitizenShipper and its value proposition
  • Maximize the driver performance in our most closely observed cohorts and funnels
  • Maximize the driver lifetime value by encouraging consistent use of CitizenShipper for job discovery, and encourage them to share their experience with acquaintances resulting in referral signups
  • Be the face for the ‘first message’ to drivers.
  • Take ownership of and improve our current system to enhance the experience during one-on-one calls, webinars, video chats, SMS messages with drivers.
  • Be there to answer any and all questions relating to customers, the platform, payments, pet transportation, and any other pieces of information that accomplish this mission of this role.
  • Create a comprehensive reporting system that will indicate how your performance compares to overall numbers that we track across all of our driver cohorts and funnels.
  • OWN the role. Create a task list and interact/collaborate with all team members to bring the mission into reality.
  • Take responsibility for obtaining driver qualitative feedback. Take this feedback and proactively communicate this with the driver/product/marketing/support team to suggest changes.
  • Take ownership of the metrics we track to evaluate driver performance from signup to winning the first bid and look for ways to improve conversions on each of these steps, as we currently have a churn rate of over 95% from the sign-up to win the first shipment. Find out why this mismatch exists, and suggest changes to minimize driver churn in the early stages of onboarding.
  • Process driver SMS responses and think of a system to address their most common feedback
  • Based on your interactions, develop a set of new resources to those that we have created for drivers historically (like videos, how-to articles, guides, tutorials, etc.)
  • Based on the driver feedback, behavioral patterns, and quantitative data, suggest changes and budget adjustments in driver recruitment campaigns to our PPC team and driver recruitment team
  • Work closely with driver recruitment and driver churn team to ensure cohesively and aligned messaging across the resources and initiatives you plan on proposing and executing on
  • Work alongside the members of the driver team on replicating proven success techniques for pet transporter onboarding to other emerging categories on our marketplace currently (like boats, vehicles, and motorcycles)
  • Work with other teams on projects and initiatives that require driver engagement (like driver video campaigns, driver interviews, meaningful partnerships, etc.)
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