As our Customer Success Director, your number one priority is mapping out and implementing a seamless customer experience from A to Z. That means maintaining:

  • High usage rates
  • Low churn rates
  • Increased customer lifetime value [LTV]
  • High upsell conversions
  • High customer satisfaction levels across the company


But what’s in it for you? Why would you want to join us?

6 Reasons To Join AmpiFire As Our Customer Success Director

1. Run Your Own Show

This is a leadership role where you’ll work closely with our CEO and CTO to develop and implement our vision for customer success.

But it’s your show to run.

We trust in your experience to make the right decisions and meet our company objectives. So there won’t be any micromanaging or hand-holding.

Of course, we’ll support you in any way we can because your success matters.


But you’re in charge of this department including hiring and growing your team. And you’ll be responsible for making sure that every one of our clients is successful using our powerful content marketing and distribution tools.

If you’re ready for this level of responsibility, join our team.

2. Let Your Problem Solving Skills Shine

We know that designing a customer journey strategy is a challenge. Especially because two customers are never the same.

A generic, one-size-fits-all experience is not what we’re looking for. So you’ll have to know how to segment our users and meet their specific needs, at scale.

If that wasn’t enough, your ability to balance our “big picture” needs with the details that customers care about will be just as important.

You’ll be responsible for a lot in this role. But since making data-based decisions is your superpower, we trust that you’ll build and maintain a customer experience that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

If you’re passionate about finding the best solutions to unique customer experience challenges, this job is for you.

3. Stability You Can Count On

Unlike most startups, you won’t have to worry whether the company will be around next year.

We’ve been profitable since day one. And we have money in the bank, so we’re not relying on the next bank loan or investment round to keep going.

Join us, and you will enjoy a unique mix of stability and fast growth.

4. Make A True Difference To Our Customers

Our customers’ businesses depend on getting exposure online. If they do, they’ll thrive. If they don’t, they’re in trouble.

We serve small businesses almost exclusively. And we understand that for our society to succeed, small business has to as well.

That’s why your role in making sure our customers get the most out of our product is so crucial. If you’re successful at it, they’ll be successful, too.

You won’t be supporting some anonymous executives. These are real people with real stakes.

Join our company and help make a true difference.

5. Fun And Supportive Work Environment

We’re a tight-knit group of people from around the world. Once a year, we all go on a trip to meet and bond in person.

We’ve hit London, Lisbon, and Malta already. And as soon as the pandemic is over, we’ll travel to Iceland.

You will feel camaraderie in your day-to-day work too. Whether it is as simple as a colleague covering for you when you need it… Or as heartfelt as receiving a birthday gift from a teammate on the other side of the globe.

6. Join a High Growth Company Early to Skyrocket Your Career

As a rapidly growing platform without any direct competition and a rapidly growing team, this is your chance to join a high-level position in a rapidly growing company.

We know we’re offering a lot. So we expect a lot from you too.

This job will be unlike anything else you’ve done in your career. Are you up for the challenge?

This job will be unlike anything else you’ve done in your career. Are you up for the challenge?

What Will You Do As Our Customer Success Manager?

  • Design and oversee a seamless customer experience from A to Z
  • Collect and analyze customer feedback to make department-specific and company-wide improvements
  • Build our knowledge database to educate clients on making the best use of our tools
  • Create and engage a community of brand advocates, using gamification and other methods to boost interaction
  • Analyze our user database to understand their needs better and develop ways to meet those needs
  • Keep up with the industry’s best practices and implement the ones relevant to our company
  • Develop and encourage a customer-centric culture within our team
  • Work with the tech team, sales team, marketing team, operations and support to continually improve the customer experience in all areas

Here’s What We Expect From You

  • You have substantial experience working in marketing, technology, or SaaS company
  • You have a proven track record of success in senior roles at one of the companies listed above
  • You have a customer-first mentality
  • You love improving processes and making them more efficient
  • You have experience planning and implement training to engage and prepare our clients
  • You’re comfortable analyzing data, metrics, and customer feedback and can extract actionable insights from it
  • Ideally, you’ve led or have been the second in command of the operations/customer success/marketing department of an eight figures revenue SaaS/online marketing company (preferred but not mandatory)
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