Help coordinate and manage our Committee branch of Delivery Operations and its processes and services.  Support a seamless client experience and deliver on all client SLAs – at all times.  Provide transparency, communication, and documentation of Committee processes, workflows, and other artifacts that can be shared internally and with clients.  Build and drive quality measures for the overall Committee operation, both within andros and client-facing, ensuring excellence in service delivery, program health, and compliance adherence.

The outcomes we’re looking for:

  1. Program Execution
    • Protect our client SLAs by ensuring all deadlines are met on time, with results of the utmost quality.
    • Oversee, with precision, the organization and maintenance of all client documentation, including but not limited to Client Rules & Requirements, policies, criteria, meeting materials, and reports.
    • Perform duties using our established work systems and methods; maintain our structured workflows to support standardized processes and strive to continuously improve them.
    • Manage and assist in the timely resolution of both internal and external requests.
  2. Quality Assurance
    • Collaborate with immediate and internal teams (e.g., Compliance, P&E, Client Success, etc.) to build Quality metrics:
      • Eliminate errors in our work and client deliverables
      • Health performance indicators
      • Reduce waste and rework
    • Help build and support a metrics-driven, structured workflow to standardize processes across all clients, while accommodating unique client specifications.
  3. Process Improvement & Development
    • Support the process for driving both incremental improvements and the next generation of Committee.
    • Continuously build on subject matter knowledge and both role-specific and leadership/facilitation competencies.
    • Increase domain expertise by ensuring all Committee activities and artifacts are documented, remain current, and trained out appropriately.

Role-Specific Competencies Required:

  1. Ownership – You own everything in your domain and take responsibility to get results without excuses or blame.  You earn trust through being reliable.
  2. Communication – You are concise, articulate, and timely in all communications.  You listen actively, understand questions (and clarify when unclear), and speak up even when it might be uncomfortable.
  3. Problem Solving – You are able to figure out solutions that others may have missed.  You are able to work autonomously and as a team player when it comes to tackling issues that seem impossible.  You never settle for “good enough”, rather, you operate with a “how can I/we be better?” mentality.
  4. Attention to Detail – You mind the details so nothing slips through the cracks.
  5. Flexibility/Adaptability – You adjust quickly to changing priorities and conditions.  You cope effectively with complexity and change.
  6. Analytical – You structure and process qualitative and quantitative data and draw insightful conclusions from it. You exhibit a probing mind and achieve penetrating insights.
  7. Follow-through on Commitments – You live up to verbal and written agreements without fail.
  8. High Standards – You lead by example and expect personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best.

Organizational Competencies:

  • Works Hard and Smart – Delivers value consistently by being inquisitive, having a high degree of accountability, and working with intent.
  • Driven – Fueled by passion and commitment, showing tenacity to overcome obstacles.
  • Outcomes Oriented – Dedicated to results. Track record of improving performance.
  • Effective Communication – Speaks and writes clearly and directly with the appropriate level of detail to communicate an idea. Happy to embrace the ideas of others if they improve on your own. Understands that clarity is measured at the recipient’s ear, not the speaker’s mouth. Able to understand the underlying question being asked and in the absence of that clear understanding can pursue an efficient line of inquiry to achieve that clarity.
  • Teamwork – Works across team lines to value others’ contributions and support each other and drive everyone forward.

Desired Attributes:

  • 1+ years Healthcare experience
  • 1+ years Client-facing experience
  • Credentialing and provider experience desired
  • Passion to collaborate
  • Attention to detail



In compliance with the nation-wide updates on the Equal Pay For Equal Work Act, salary range is displayed: Estimated salary range: $55,000+

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