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Virtuoso pushes the boundaries of traditional software test automation and quality assurance. Our team of experts have developed a new platform to spearhead the emerging paradigm in automated software testing called Intelligent Quality Assistance. Allow us to introduce Virtuoso…. Virtuoso does far more than old school QA. It assists your team at every stage in the development pipeline, enabling even non-technical users to automate their testing processes and build in quality from the get-go. Virtuoso reduces the need for manual interventions and inputs with a highly intuitive UI that’s both quick and easy to learn. Businesses moving towards a DevOps approach can rely on Virtuoso as a key component in their digital transformation strategy. Our platform integrates with all of the major CI/CD tools on the market to complement and enhance your existing efforts to automate your software development processes. How does it work? Let’s take a closer look…. Virtuoso takes testing to the next level of automation by combining the power of Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning. Virtuoso uses bots to explore your applications and to map every execution path. Even in the most dynamic of apps, nothing is missed. Machine Learning enables Virtuoso to automatically generate tests from a few basic initial inputs. Virtuoso does the work so you don’t have to

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