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We’re on a mission to build the only data platform that can match the ambition of AI era companies. By creating simple solutions to make data more meaningful, we help organizations around the world unlock radical intelligence and utility. We equip them to make better decisions, innovate and solve previously impossible problems for the benefit of business and, in turn, society.

Artificial Intelligence will transform the world at a fundamental level, with the potential to create 4x the impact of the internet on our global economy.

As we enter this fourth revolution, computers will make sense of the natural world in ways we can’t. They will solve the problems we are not able to. To help make this AI a reality, VAST has taken a clean-slate approach to understanding and building a data platform to power the intelligent computers of tomorrow.

We challenge convention to boldly stride across the divide between what we can imagine, and what we can build. Our mission is to shatter the tradeoffs that clip the wings of innovation. To build beyond our horizons and enable others to build beyond theirs. Each epoch of innovation becomes the foundation for the next, where a flywheel of successful innovation pays for quantum leaps in capability.

While others are simply racing to reach our horizon, we’re already building beyond it. Come build with us. United by a common vision, our core leadership team has remained intact since our first days as a start-up. We all began our careers working the grind. We all experienced the legacy thinking that permeates the tech world and believed there was a better way. We are like-minded in our desire to build a challenger brand centered on solutions built for the future of computing.

Our values drive us toaccomplish great things


Innovation is at the core of everything we do at VAST. Our customers innovate by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with data, and we innovate by building the platform that powers their mission. While others took an incremental approach to data management challenges, VAST reimagined storage to build a data platform for the age of AI.


At VAST, we believe the fastest path to insight comes from stripping away complexity and tearing down limitations. When everything is simple and just works, the focus on innovation and advancement thrives.


Transparency fuels our relationship with our customers and business partners. It allows us to partner and align with our customer’s interests to eschew the predatory business models of legacy vendors.


VAST is a flat organization where every position is dedicated to business success. We don’t design by committee and we value clear discussions from both our employees and our customers. We believe honest and direct communication leads to better partnerships, a better product, and better outcomes for everyone.


Efficiency is what moves VAST technology from evolutionary to revolutionary. We question where others accept, delivering superior value to maximize performance and scalability while lowering costs and economic footprint.


Outcomes are the only measure that matters. At VAST, we measure ourselves not in terms of IOPS, bandwidth, or data reduction rates (though we do like to brag a bit) but by the outcomes that we deliver for our customers.

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