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Lingokids is simple. Children learn while they play. The app will adapt to the level of the child, adding complexity as your child progresses. The lessons follow a curriculum specially designed to adapt to your child’s progress. Each topic consists of learning activities such as games, traceable, videos, songs, and more.

 The app is simple, but it is worth it to take a moment to familiarize yourself with each part!

Kids Area

With Lingokids, your child only needs to enjoy learning while playing fun games and activities. That’s why the Kids Area was specially designed for kids only! Here, your child will have repeated exposure to activities that challenge them most, ensuring that they master the material in each topic before advancing to the next unit.

When your child scrolls to the end of the activity list, they can press the Magic Shuffle Button to refresh a new list of activities based on their progress and favourites.

The Sticker Album

Certain activities contain special sticker rewards. Stickers are earned with every few games, so be sure to encourage your little one to keep playing activities. When receiving a sticker, your child will see a gift box appear. This means that a sticker has been earned. You can find all the stickers your child has collected in the Sticker Album. To find the Sticker Album, return to the Kids Area and tap the album in the corner of the screen.

Profile Switch and Parents Area Access

From the Kids Area, you can change between multiple profiles. Simply tap the profile icon in the top left corner to select the profile you would like to play under. Additionally, you can access the Parents Area by tapping the profile icon and selecting “Parents Area.” Here you can also access the “News” section for further updates.

Parents Area

The Parents Area is where you can find out more about your child’s progress and learning journey with Lingokids. In this area, you can find updated news about the app’s features, explore our curriculum, monitor your child’s progress, locate information about your subscription and more! It includes the Timeline, Curriculum, Progress Reports, and Setting sections.

Tap the profile icon in the top left corner. Press “Parents Area.”


The Lingokids curriculum is made up of 10 units that each contain 6 topics. In the Curriculum section, you can view all of the topics, their activities, and progress.

Unlimited User Pro Tip! You can download the activities of your choice and use offline mode. You can use the small arrow download icon that appears in each activity. You can play downloaded activities without an internet connection.

Progress Center

Would you like to see the progress your child is making while learning English with us? Enter the Progress Center section! Here you can find updates on the words your child has learned and how much time they have spent with Lingokids this week! Tap the “Words” card to see what words your child has learned. You can press a word to hear how it’s pronounced and encourage your child’s listening skills.


In the Parents Area, you can choose the profile of the child and see each child’s progress. You can also download additional materials and worksheets to use at home with the whole family from the section “Printable Worksheets”

This is also a great place to get additional help or answer any questions you might have about your subscription.

 Child Profile

In this section, you can configure up to 4 profiles for your children. You can select which child you would like to use the application to personalize each experience from this section or from the Kids Area. To switch between profiles, simply tap “Child Profile” in Settings. To edit a profile simply tap “Edit” and the profile you would like to modify.

Practice reminders

Do you want to set up practice reminders for your child? Tap on “Edit Reminders” and select the days and the best time for your child to practice. We will send you a reminder in the selected schedule for your child to play and learn with Lingokids!

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