Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc.

About the Company

Intelligent Medical Objects:registered: (IMO:registered:) is the market leader in clinical interface terminology and a strategic partner with major content providers and EHR developers. IMO delivers a comprehensive suite of integrated, clinician-friendly medical vocabulary solutions that enable healthcare organizations to improve patient

documentation, streamline workflow, coordinate care and increase revenue. IMO’s leading Clinical Interface Terminology products, including IMO:registered: Problem (IT):tm: and IMO:registered: Procedure (IT):tm:, provide seamless mapping of diagnostic terminologies to billing codes and medical concepts, enhancing decision support, research, patient education, and financial operations.

IMO provides the tools necessary for healthcare organizations to authoritatively support uniform labeling of health profiles, services rendered, and outcomes across their enterprise. This intersection of clinical and financial data provides healthcare organizations with dependable quality information to deliver services, bear risk, and to enable efficient, cost-effective operation and accountability. IMO’s products improve physician satisfaction, facilitate physician adoption, speed the coding process, reduce unnecessary physician-coder communication, and result in fewer rejected claims.

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