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Gecko Dynamics specializes in delivering high-performance and stable software solutions, mainly for big web and desktop projects. The story behind Gecko Dynamics is several streams joining together, creating a powerful river flowing through many lands and finally reaching the sea – we come from various IT companies, where we spent a lot of time gaining huge experience in various areas of IT projects, yet mostly in enterprise technologies (Java, .NET, C, C# and others). Seeing problems that can be dealt better and still searching for improvements on every field, we united to create a company that is complete – taking care of every step of your project, from working out the scope, through designs, development and testings, to finally reaching the sea – releasing your product in the best shape and without worries that something will put the shade on the shine of your success. Through many years, we have helped many clients, because each of us follows one, simple rule – our success does not exist without yours. Reach out to us at hello@geckodynamics.com if you are looking for: + company who cares + dedicated, reliable, stable solutions for your IT project + company able to provide end2end solutions for both web & mobile + team with huge experience in Java, .Net, C, C#, C++, PHP and other technologies + cost-cutting, yet high-performance technologies such as Reac Native, Xamarin + company who puts quality higher than marketing broc4hures and nice look in the web

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